Whitetail Deer Hunting: How to Get Started

As a passionate hunter, it’s always imperative to think about creative ways to make your whitetail deer hunting success. Of course, you may be conversant with the basic hunting skills, but to achieve better results, you’ll need to up your game. The following tips will help you do exactly that!

Practice Scent Control

When hunting a whitetail deer, don’t underestimate the importance of wind direction as well as scent control. Their noses are strong defense systems that help alert them to predators. So, try as much as you can being invisible to the deer. Don’t just roll up into the woods- have a clear plan and stay obsessed with scent control. You ought to know how to defeat the whitetail deer’s nose, otherwise, you may not be able to catch them. As much as you practice good hygiene, the deer will still consider you as a foul odor.

There are numerous products on the market which help hunters to get clean without necessarily smelling like a perfume commercial. Utilizing a scent-free soap to shower before going into the woods can go a long way in making your hunting a big success. But wait, there’s a lot more you can do. Of course, you may prefer showering with sweet-smelling soaps, but when hunting for a whitetail deer, you’d better stay diligent with the smell. Take care of your smell by washing your towels with scent-free soap. Your hunting success could hugely depend on it.
Wash With Baking Soda
Wash your hunting clothes using baking soda. And once you’re done, be careful not to mix it up with sweet-smelling dryer sheets as this could completely ruin everything you’ve done.
And when you aren’t wearing your hunting clothes, keep them inside a bag or tote where they can remain as scent-free as possible.
Monitor the Wind Direction
It’s also important that you pay close attention to wind direction whenever you’re preparing to hunt. Even if you are hunting in rural areas, where deer are more accustomed to people’s presence, you ought to stay in tune with the wind.
Since the deer’s nose serves as their defense mechanism, smelling you will mean that they’re smelling danger. Therefore, be careful not to let your scent blow over locations that are holding the deer.
It’s extremely important that you familiarize yourself with deer patterns in the area you’ll be hunting. Determine where the bedding, as well as feeding zones, are and also try finding out the deer’s travel routes. Check out what food sources are available on the property you’re hunting plus the specific times when the deer are frequenting those areas. Once you ascertain the deer’s position, then try as much as you can to avoid the wind carrying your smell in their direction. Generally speaking, staying downwind of the deer’s location is very important. For more details, check out this page https://hunter.guide.
Position Your Stand Appropriately
It isn’t all about knowing the deer’s position and hanging a lock-on stand or simply utilize a climbing stand. Try visualizing how that stand placement will appear during the time of day you’re hunting.
The location you chose may be covered up with rubs, scrapes, and licking branches as well as other deer signs. You might have imagined how the deer will look like, but you also need to imagine how the deer are going to perceive you while you’re on that stand.
Your stand placement shouldn’t create any silhouetting or shadowing that’ll get you busted.
Avoid Too Much Predictability
You really want to find the deer at the predicted position when you’re hunting. So, perform a comprehensive investigation of the land and reviewing of all trail cam pictures that can help you predict deer movement. But as much as you want predictable deer movement, you don’t want to be that predictable yourself.
If by any chance you become predictable, the deer will avoid those hunting positions during the moments you’re trying to access them. Besides, you should always mix things up. Avoid hunting the same blind or deer stand location every time, even though the wind may be right. Instead, have multiple locations and different ways of accessing them. When making your entry or exit, however, pay close attention to the wind direction.
Understand the Rut Changes
Any hunter will admit that hunting during the hunt is extremely beneficial. This is particularly a magical time for whitetail hunters. Animals that have been nocturnal for long can show up and trailing or chasing hot works. However, it’s important to note that while the rut can facilitate deer movement as well as buck activity, it also triggers other changes.
For instance, before the peak of the rut, you could have hunted rub lines plus scrape lines in the hope of getting a shot at bucks that could be traversing those locations. And it’s during this time when bucks are looking to leave that territory. It’s therefore important to understand that as the rut phases change, so do buck activities.
Know the Hunting Area
It’s also very important that you familiarize yourself with the hunting area. If you get an opportunity to hunt a given piece of property or public hunting land, ensure that you do thorough scouting prior to the hunt. Try as much as you can to explore the details of that particular location and your hunting will definitely turn out to be a big success. Don’t go around guessing things- the deer will notice your presence and they’ll swiftly move away from the hunting zone. And you really don’t want that to happen, right? Then, do early preparations and acquaint yourself with all the hunting particulars.
The Bottom-Line
With the above ideas at your fingertips, you can significantly improve your hunting strategies, boost your rate of hunting success, and enjoy a memorable experience. So, why jeopardize the success of your hunting trip while there’s so much you can do to achieve better results? Control your scent, try understanding the hunting area, know the rut changes, position your stand correctly, avoid too much predictability, and hunt like a pro.
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