Why Choose a Quality Bed Frame? Top Reasons Explained

If you have ever considered changing your mattress just to get a sound sleep, you are not alone. And if you have faced disappointment, you are a part of the majority. There is absolutely no doubt that it is mostly the mattress that allows you to hit those hays but when the mattress does not rest on a proper surface, it will fail to live up to the expectations. However, by supporting your mattress with a good bed frame, not only can you increase the life of your mattress but enhance the comfort level to a great extent as well.


Those who are not able to understand what a bed frame is, it is the frame that holds your mattress. A bed frame comes with numerous features and you can also find it in various designs. Some people choose stylish and sturdy bed frame with headboard while others go for minimal designs. The options are unlimited but when it comes to a quality bed frame, the features remain the same.

Qualities of a Good Bed Frame

Here we have compiled a list of qualities to help you know what you need to look into a quality bed frame with headboard or without a headboard.

Height of Bed

While looking for bed frames, you may come across a lot of them in the market. There are some adjustable bed frames also available whose height can be adjusted according to the requirement. According to doctors and health experts, your bed frame should be in correlation with your height. This may sound strange to you but this is how it works. A normal mattress has a height of 16 to 24 inches from the floor and when placed on a bed frame, if it is not according to your height, it will not be as comfortable as you intended. The ideal bed frame height allows you to sit straight on the bed with your feet touching the floor.

Smooth Surface

An ideal bed frame has a uniform surface. Apparently, a bed frame may look smooth but it is possible that it may have a few lumps. It is not a minor issue because it can affect your quality of sleep and reduce the life cycle of your mattress as well. When the mattress is not placed on a smooth surface, you will not be able to sleep properly and hence, your sleep cycle will get disturbed. Try to find a bed frame with a smooth surface so that your body gets to rest on it properly.
These two traits of a good bed frame can really help you and your loved ones get the ideal sleep that one could dream of. However, a good bed frame without a quality mattress is incomplete. Once you have found the ideal bed frame meeting the standards, you should go for mattress comparisons. It will give you a chance to find the most comfortable mattress for your bed.

A Final Thought

No matter which bed frame you choose, ensuring that it has no flaws will go a long way in providing you the utility you would want from your bed.
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