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Why Should You Choose a Customizable Solar CRM?
Monday, 10 August 2020

Choosing the right solar CRM can open new opportunities and transform your solarmovie business. CRM is a boon for the solar industry as it nurtures opportunities and carefully manages the sales pipeline. However, not all CRMs are built the same.

Many of them do not offer customization options that make them less effective. This article discusses why you need a customizable CRM for your solar business.

Simplifies Integration

3rd party integrations enhance the functionality of the CRM software. It also helps your solar business in many ways. For example, integrating EagleView in your CRM can allow you to take aerial photos without any risk. These photos can be used to prepare estimates without your estimate team visiting the client site.
A customizable CRM is more likely to support integration at a higher level. With custom integrations, your solar CRM will become a central hub for all departments like project management, supply chain, finance, and other departments.

Eases Scaling Process

As your organization grows, you may need additional functionalities in your CRM. For example, you might add new business locations, offices, and employees. If you buy a customizable CRM, you can quickly scale up as your business grows. Unlike ready-made options, it provides the following benefits.
  • You can add new users without paying an additional cost.
  • You can customize extended capabilities like augmented analytics, database management, and lead management.
Increases the Automation Process

Solar businesses need to simplify the sales process while maintaining an efficient workflow. A customizable CRM for solar business makes it easy to go from cold call to solar installations or maintenance work. With automation, the CRM follows up with new leads, creates custom triggers, and sends online proposals.
Automation ensures nothing slips from the cracks, and notifications are sent when you need them most. With a custom CRM for solar business, you can save significant time and money by automating important functionalities to grow your business.

Custom Workflows

Every solar business is unique. It should be no surprise that every business has its unique workflows. If you buy a ready-made CRM, you won’t be able to follow your business workflows. This will impact productivity and hit your bottom line. With a customized solar CRM, you streamline the workflows as per your business needs and implement and provide excellent service to your customers.

Resolve Data Migration Issues

A CRM for solar business is required to collect data from different sources. If you buy a ready-made system, you could face data collection and migration issues that will hamper your workflow and operational efficiency.

With customizable CRM, you are less likely to face data migration issues from the job site, clients, or other business applications. The customization works as a single interface to view and share your data with different stakeholders.

Enhancing Custom Features

A customizable CRM for solar business is a complete solution that meets your business requirements. It does not have any unnecessary features that you might never use, saving storage space for your applications and data. It can also automate analytic and reporting capabilities as per your business logic.

A custom CRM for solar business is not a generic system. It comes with a wide range of customization that takes the complexity out of running a solar company.
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