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Why you should be concerned about touching any washroom door handle?
Saturday, 08 August 2020

 In this time when everyone is afraid of different types of viruses, this question is obvious. No one knows about carriers and the aftereffects of being detected by a virus. People are taking great care when it comes to their body but they forget that they also have to clean and keep their house infection-free. The environment where we are living should be clean. So we need to keep our homes and spaces free of viruses. When people have different question in their mind, the significant inquiry is the way long can a specific bug make due on surfaces. What's more, there is a ton of variety. A few microorganisms can last outside the body for just minutes, while others are hardier and can hang on for quite a long time or even months. 

 Why your doorknobs need more attention?

Different places in our houses are more affected than any other area because of care for free contact. These places shouldn’t let free of any disinfectant because they can contaminate the whole house and family members.

People come to their homes without using any hand wash or hand sanitizer because they know that after getting home they will wash their hands. Wait here; think about those germs live on a doorknob. They are still here, so washing your hands and cleaning your doorknobs is equally important for your health. 

Top dirtiest places of your home:

Here are the four things you should add to your ordinary cleaning agenda if they aren't on there as of now. 
  • Door handles 
  • Advanced gadgets (counting cell phones, tablets and PC consoles) 
  • Check to make settings on how best to clean gadgets, as some are delicate to brutal synthetic compounds. 
  • Restroom sink fixture handle 
  • Latrine flush handle 
These four places are in much use then your bedroom and living room. And most important are their doorknobs because we never care about that specific area. We use hand sanitizer but we forget to sanitize the door handle, the virus is still there. The minute you forget to wash your hand you will get infected by opening the door of your clean home. Then you can’t remember from where you get this bacterial or virus infection. So when you are cleaning your living area it's equally important for you to clean your doorknobs and doors also because they are the main entrance for any bacteria and virus.

Cleaning Surfaces 

After getting know all about the contaminated and dirty places of your home the next question is how to clean those place without getting infected
Stay contact free:

Wear dispensable gloves when cleaning and sterilizing surfaces. Gloves ought to be disposed of after each cleaning. If reusable gloves are utilized, those gloves ought to be committed for cleaning and sanitization of surfaces for COVID-19 and ought not to be utilized for different purposes.
Use specific items:

Counsel the maker's guidelines for cleaning and cleansing items utilized. Clean hands following gloves are evacuated. On the off chance that surfaces are messy, they ought to be cleaned utilizing a cleanser or cleanser and water before sterilization.

Call professionals:

In case you don’t know how to handle the area or you don't know how you can clean the doorknobs without getting infected. The best solution is to call any professional. They have all kind of disinfectants and materials and you can notice the major difference after getting it done.
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