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Wooden Greenhouses in Kenya
Thursday, 21 October 2021

Wooden greenhouses are low cost greenhouses used by farmers in the production of high value vegetable crops. Wooden greenhouses are the best alternatives in metallic greenhouses because they are more affordable and thus readily available.

Main crops grown in a wooden greenhouse.

The main crops grown in a wooden greenhouse are

  • Tomatoes: The main variety are the indeterminate type which can be harvested for 8 months or more after the initial harvesting.
  • Coloured peppers mainly red, yellow and orange.
  • Cucumbers.
  • Brasiccas can also be grown but as rotation crops.

Construction materials for wooden greenhouses in Kenya

  • Timber and Poles: These are round poles 16ft for the middle and 13ft for the sides. They have to be treated for longevity. Treatment includes using oil or chemical soaking
  • Greenhouse polythene sheet. This can either be yellow/green or clear/nectarine. Clear UV sheet is highly recommended for vegetables, but yellow colour is ideal, especially in the highlands.
  • Insect netting or side netting to prevent entry of insect pests. This net is UV treated for longevity.
  • Nails (1’’, 2’’, 3’’, 4’’ and 6’’)
  • Cement, sand and ballast
  • Irrigation system


Construction of wooden greenhouse starts with ground levelling and making holes, 2ft deep. Round poles are then placed in the holes then a mixture of cement, sand and ballast added to make it hole. Construction of an 8m by 30m greenhouse can take 7 days.
During construction, direction of wind has to be considered to prevent damage during strong winds. Ventillation system is also taken care of to allow free flow of air thereby reducing incidences of fungal disease attack.

Common wooden greenhouse sizes in Kenya

Size No of Plants
8m x 15m 500
8m x 20m 700
8m x 24m 800
8m x 30m 1,000
16m x 30m 2,000

Wooden Greenhouse Kit

Grekkon greenhouse kit has the following:
  • Greenhouse structure
  • Entry pouch for disinfection
  • Drip Irrigation kit complete with filtration system and all kits
  • Insect netting for insect pest control
  • UV treated 1000 gauge greenhouse polythene sheet.


Wooden greenhouse prices will depend on the size and location, but they generally range between Kes. 150,000 to Kes. 500,000
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