Your Legal Options After Suffering a Car Crash That Wasn't Your Fault

Being involved in any car crash is a stressful experience. It is an especially frightening experience if the accident in question was something that you couldn’t have avoided because you are not at fault.

Furthermore, things can only get more stressful if you don’t know what to do after an accident. It can be a great source of worrying for many people trying to figure out what their next steps are.

To try and reduce your stress during this time, we’ve compiledsome of your legal options in one place. These are all actions that you can and should take after you’re in a car accident you didn’t cause.

Gather and Clarify All the Details of the Accident

Being in a car accident can be overwhelming. But being proactive about gathering details on the scene and writing down information can go a long way.

Understandably, sometimes in the shock of the moment, ensuring you have those details can slip through. But having details like insurance policy numbers, correct names of everyone involved in an accident, as well as contact information among other things is necessary if you want to take legal action.

Make sure that all your details of insuranceand your account of the events is in an easily accessible place. And if you are missing any details, feel free to check with your insurance provider.

Keep in mind that you should avoid making claims for damages that are not your fault.Likewise, if the police report of your accident is public record, you may be able to get any further details you have not recorded about the incident on the web or at your local police station.

Find a Local Accident Lawyer

This may seem obvious, or even silly if you are searching for your legal options, but the truth is finding an accident lawyer should be your first step if you are ever in a car accident you didn’t cause. A local lawyer is highly recommended in these cases.

A local lawyer is going to know what specific town or cities ordinances are going to pertain to your case on top of statewide laws. Additionally, you’ll be able to see their track record for similar cases if they are focused on accident law near you. That information will be easy to find since they’ll be in a specialized field with a smaller radius of clients.

To find someone suitable just search for your town, city, or county’s name + “car accident lawyer” on the internet. Use phrases like “Sarasota car accident lawyer” or “Smith County car accident lawyer” for example to get the best results. By including the phrase “car accident lawyer”, you quickly filter out personal injury accident lawyers from your search, saving you time and effort in a very demanding situation.

Don’t Rely Solely on Police Reports

While police reports are great resources, the person that an officer issues a ticket to is not always who an insurer agrees is at-fault. The involved insurance companies can claim different sources of fault than the police on the scene. Although an officer must issue a ticket on site, your lawyer or insurance company can come to a different conclusion when they review the details.

This means that there is no need to panic if the officer at the scene does not issue the offender a ticket. Know that you have the facts on your side, and you are deserving of the insurance coverage compensation.

Fight for Your Rights

These are some of the beginning actions you can take to ensure the legal ground you have after your involvement in a car crash that you did not cause. While it can be a trying time, know that you have the law on your side. Make sure you have all the details, appropriate representation, and the patience to approach the situation and you will be taken care of.
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