3 Top Home Security Trends to Watch for This Year
Friday, 24 April 2020

A home security system can give you peace of mind, that’s why you wouldn’t settle for one that’s outdated or a system that doesn’t offer the latest and greatest technology. Home security technology has come a long way, and these three trends show that there’s a lot more to come in 2020.

Video Home Security Continues to Grow

Today everyone is walking around with a tiny video camera in their pocket; you might even have a camera in your car to assist you when parking or backing up. A decade ago that was not the case. We’ve seen video technology expand rapidly and become a part of our daily routines. Not only has video technology found its way into our smartphones and cars, today’s state-of-the-art home security monitoring systems also utilize cutting-edge video technology capabilities to keep our homes safeguarded and protected. Camera manufacturers continue to push the envelope and video quality is only getting better, developing from low-resolution to 720 and now to 1080p and 4K. UHD, or ultra-high-definition, is the natural next step. The vast interest and increasing demand for security monitoring systems that offer high-quality video technology will only continue to grow in 2020 and the years to come as the video technology develops.

Interest in Smart Home Security Is on the Rise

Growing interest in smart home technology is on the rise, and so is interest in smart-equipped home security systems. Berg Insight, a research firm based in Sweden, estimates that 63 million homes in the United States will qualify as smart by the year 2022. Many of us are already using voice assistants or remote-controlled lighting systems and cameras that let us check in on our pets when we’re at work. Ultimately, the prediction that upwards of 60 million homes will be considered smart in just two years doesn’t seem too far off. Developers are increasingly building smart homes from the ground up. This means that technology like artificial intelligence-powered systems are built-in. More and more people are starting to look at smart home technology like they look at essentials like plumbing or air-conditioning. In fact, a report from the remodeling experts from Fixr states that 81 percent of homebuyers would prefer a home with built-in smart technology, with home security technology listed among the top three most popular features. Smart home technology is no longer an afterthought or just a luxury, it’s built-in. What makes your house a home invasion target?

Innovation Home Security Options Are in Demand

Demand for innovative home security options is rising. And for good reason, too. Consider that many security incidents happen at night. Unfortunately, footage and images captured by outdated security systems can lack critical details in low-light conditions. However, low-light imaging tech is gaining popularity among consumers and is becoming increasingly commonplace in the security industry’s newest contemporary security monitoring systems. Enhanced imaging technology provides better visibility and a clearer picture at any time and in any condition. Additional technology, such as thermal imaging technology, is being rolled out as well. This innovative technology allows the cameras to “see” in varying, low-visibility conditions such as fog, rain, snow and nighttime environments. Once reserved for military operations, thermal imaging is now a vital component in today's contemporary home security monitoring systems.

The latest and greatest security systems can keep your home safe. From innovations like thermal imaging and smart home technology to ultra-high-definition video quality, modern security systems are outfitted with impressive tech so that you can have peace of mind 24/7.


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