How Creating & Promoting Product Videos Increase E-commerce Sales

 Videos have tremendous potential to capitalize on untapped markets. More people are convinced through product videos than by looking at still photos. If we consider the popular adage ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, could you imagine just how much impact a video could create? It is essential to understand that the trend is slowly shifting from product pictures to product videos format. Hence, incorporating videos into your marketing strategy can be a game-changer.


 The need to adopt Video Marketing

A survey by Review42 that combined data from Gartner, Hubspot, and the like states that making YouTube content and publishing them increases conversion rates by a whopping 157%. Moreover, website and related links with video content are likely to rank up to 53x more than just text or pictures on a Google search.

Sharable and Clickable

Videos are generally more ideal than images to describe products. Due to the intangible nature of e-commerce, it is difficult for buyers to come to a decision just based on product images. This is where product videos come in and solve the problem of intangibility by describing them in detail to the prospective buyers.

Engrossing Content

Playing a product video takes far lesser effort than reading text; also, it requires a lower attention span. Furthermore, visual cues provide a better appeal for a product. Videos help convey information that, otherwise, would be skipped if they were textual.

Product reviews and testimonials

A product video can make a wider impact if it is promoted by popular sources. Most buyers tend to trust popular personalities or review channels that they can relate to. Promoting such testimonials from such review channels/personalities can greatly help you increase your product sales.

Better Buying Experience

As mentioned earlier, an e-commerce store lacks the tangibility factor that a brick-and-mortar store has. A video tries to bridge the gap between the intangibility of an e-commerce business and a traditional shop. Using InVideo’s online video editor, you can make stunning videos that showcase the product features and alleviate customers’ buying experience. Running regular promotional activities with the help of discount codes can wow your customers.

Video Marketing in a nutshell

Realigning your marketing strategy to get it in line with your target audience is vital as changing times needs proactive re-assessment of the situation. The following ways can be used to drive your e-commerce sales:

Product Selection

Using InVideo’s online video editor, you can select the products that suit the video format and can convey the product details in crisp and clear terms. Granted there are products around which video content cannot be made. For these products, it is better to promote them using text- or image-based solutions.

Platform Selection

Ecommerce video marketing involves promotions on platforms that the target audience interacts with the most. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are among the most popular of these platforms where customer interaction has shown a steep rise. The right platform can help your brand reach the target audience.

Mobile Optimizations

With the mobile space picking up fast, portrait orientation is here to stay. Gone are the days when video content was only available in landscape orientation. So, it is necessary your video content is optimized accordingly while employing your e-commerce video marketing strategy.

Call to Action

Your video content should have a call to action that helps your target audience engage with the content. Most videos don’t have a call to action and that is where an impressive video fails to garner the necessary traction in terms of a marketing strategy. Using a suitable intro and outro can improve the video’s engagement.


If your e-commerce website needs promotional activity, then video content accompanied by text briefs and relevant images would be your best way forward. Not only would it increase sales, but it would also increase user engagement which would lead to brand awareness. Top-of-mind awareness is needed to getting your products to stand out from the flock. InVideo’s easy-to-use platform and stunning array of templates offer a solution for all your e-commerce video needs!



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