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How Effective is a Shoppers Drugmart Flyer
Friday, 25 June 2021

The Sears Catalog was famous for showing all of the products that could be purchased in one place and letting you order the products that you wanted through the mail, rather than by going into the store to find out what products you might want to buy. It was a little bit like online shopping before the internet, which is ironic as it's the internet that helped make the Sears Catalog less and less relevant.

A shoppers drugmart flyer is similar in a lot of different ways, as it shows off a variety of products to buy and how much they cost. However, it is also unique in its own way. That is, it shows off the deals of the week at the store, rather than being a seasonal catalog. The question is, does this matter? Are shoppers drugmart flyers still effective today?

What is a Shoppers Drugmart Flyer?

A shoppers drugmart flyer is a pamphlet that shows the store's deals for the week. With bright colors and pictures of the products, when you open this flyer up it can still catch your eye with the deals that are being offered. Its design is to make it easy to see what is available and to draw the eyes to products that the average shopper may not normally be interested in. This is a flyer that can be found in the store or mailed out to people, so no one avoids at least seeing it.

Are Shoppers Drugmart Flyers Effective?

The truth is that there is still a certain type of shopper who doesn't buy things online. They don't use apps to purchase things for them before they go into the store, because they like to choose every item for themselves.
For this type of shopper who wants to go into the store and know exactly what they're getting before they buy it, flyers are still effective. Furthermore, for anyone who runs into a store and sees something like a shoppers drugmart flyer to flip through, they can still be caught up in all of its offerings. They will still see deals and sales that excite them and make them want to buy more things than they came in for originally.
There is still a place for the shoppers drugmart flyer. It may not be effective being mailed out to the masses, where most people would consider it junk mail. For in-store shoppers, however, it is still an effective tool to finding sales and products they never knew they wanted.
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