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The First Decade of Vaping: What Has Changed for the Better?
Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Are you one of the early adopters who quit smoking and switched to vaping as soon as the first e-cigarettes hit the market? If you are, congratulations; that means you’ve now been smoke free for more than a decade. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that e-cigarettes have been around for as long as they have. After an early lawsuit helped to pave the way for e-cigarettes to be sold legally in the U.S. in 2010, vaping devices began to proliferate by the millions. Ever since, the vaping industry has continued relentlessly on a path toward eventually making tobacco products obsolete.

Today’s vaping products, however, are definitely not the same as what was available all those years ago. Innovation is the name of the game in the vaping industry, and any company that doesn’t evolve its products to meet the changing needs of the community risks being left in the dust permanently. Thanks to the industry’s never-ending quest to create better products, vaping products have undergone several major changes for the better over the years. Here are just a few of them.


Lower Vape Juice Prices

In the early years of vaping, the devices that people typically used were drastically different from the devices of today. In those days, even the most powerful vaping devices produced extremely small vapor clouds compared to today’s hardware, and to get the most out of those devices, people had to use higher-nicotine e-liquids. It was common at that time for a 10-15 ml bottle of e-liquid to last around a week, and with that in mind, Vape Juice makers often charged upwards of $1.00 per ml of e-liquid. The profits were absolutely astronomical, but vapers didn’t complain because they were still spending dramatically less than what they would have spent on cigarettes.
As time went by, though, vaping hardware became more powerful – and when people bought those new devices, they switched to lower-nicotine vape juice and began to use a lot more e-liquid each day. It was imperative that the e-liquid makers cut their prices. Otherwise, using the latest vaping hardware simply wouldn’t be practical. So, that’s exactly what they did. E-liquid prices began to decrease, and they’ve never stopped going down. Consumers spend less on vape juice than ever today, and thanks to factory automation, vape juice companies remain almost as profitable as ever.

Simpler and More Reliable Vaping Hardware

One of the biggest problems with e-cigarettes during the early years of vaping was that they just weren’t reliable enough to qualify as the legitimate consumer products that smokers really needed them to be. An e-cigarette wasn’t a simple device that you could just pick up and use when needed. It would randomly lose its flavor or stop producing vapor, and you’d have to tinker with the device and research online to try and determine what the problem was.
Thankfully, those days are long gone. In general, no one uses the finicky cigarette-shaped “cigalikes” that were all the rage when vaping was new. Instead, they use a new type of device called a pod system that stores its e-liquid and heating coil in a self-contained clear pod that’s removable and disposable. Finally, e-cigarettes have become as easy to use as tobacco cigarettes. To vape, all that you need to do is charge your device, drop in a pod and puff away.
More importantly, technical innovations have made today’s e-cigarettes much more reliable than the ones of the past. If an e-cigarette stops producing a good flavor, for instance, there’s no need to guess what the problem is. One look at the pod tells you that you’re out of e-liquid and that it’s time to throw the pod away. A new vaper doesn’t want to troubleshoot his or her device the way he or she might troubleshoot a faulty computer or phone. People just want their e-cigarettes to work, and after all these years, they finally do.

Greater Satisfaction for New Vapers

A reduced pricing structure isn’t the only innovation that has improved vape juice over the years; the e-liquid itself is also a better product than it was during the early years of vaping. One reason is the automation mentioned above. Today’s vape juice makers have become truly professional operations. They’re not producing vape juice in the back rooms of vape shops; they’ve moved to pharmaceutical-quality clean room environments. Machines are doing the mixing and bottling, and the products are rarely – if ever – touched by human hands. There’s almost no chance for error, and every bottle is exactly the same.
Arguably, though, automation isn’t the greatest innovation in the world of vape juice. Some would say that the advent of nicotine salt e-liquid is even more important. Nicotine salt has a more neutral pH than the freebase nicotine used in most e-liquid. Nicotine salt has made it possible for e-liquid companies to create vape juices that have incredibly high nicotine strengths but do not cause throat irritation when they’re used. That’s great news for users of smaller vaping devices such as pod systems, because nicotine salt has made it possible for a tiny e-cigarette to deliver about as much nicotine as a tobacco cigarette. Thanks to nicotine salt, switching to vaping is easier than ever for heavy smokers.

Quieter Vape Tanks

As soon as more powerful sub-ohm vaping devices hit the market in the early 2010s, every vaper who craved bigger clouds began using them – and with every sub-ohm vaping device, there was a big glass vape tank. The glass sub-ohm vape tanks did produce the enormous clouds that vapers were after, but they had one major problem: They were incredibly noisy. To produce large clouds, those early sub-ohm tanks used very thick low-resistance heating wires that were twisted or braided together for maximum surface area. E-liquid would pool in the nooks and crannies of those thick wires, causing clicks and pops loud enough to startle people in a quiet room.
Today’s vape tanks have solved the noise problems of the past by replacing the thick heating wires with thin, almost flat strips of conductive mesh. With a mesh coil, e-liquid has nowhere to pool, so modern vape coils don’t pop during use as the coils of the past did. As an added bonus, mesh coils also produce bigger vapor clouds while drawing less battery power – and that’s music to any vaper’s ears.
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