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Aromatherapy Formulas For Summer Skin Care
Friday, 06 June 2008

Summer is coming around and many of us are spending more time out in the sun. And though we may always apply sunscreen liberally, at the end of long hot days our skin will still feel the effect of the sun's rays. Friends in that natural health sciences tell us that most damage from sun exposure to our skin is our result of ultra violet rays creating free radicals within our skins cells. Our skin becomes inflamed as a result. Fortunately, topically applied antioxidants can quench these free radicals, reduce inflammation, and leave our skin with a happy healthy glow.



Application of the proper formula can have a marked effect in reducing premature aging for yourself and everyone in your family.

It turns out that essential oils are exceptionally potent antioxidants. The spice oils, while not generally used in skin care, are some of them most potent natural antioxidants known. Oil of Myrrh was recently studied for its free radical inhibiting effect specifically in the chemical interaction between UV rays and the skins natural oils.

Myrrh has long been used to natural healing, and the studies show evidence of its healing potential. Every essential oil found in skin care formulas has antioxidant action, and each one has a unique skin healing property.

It's simple to compound your own formula: Choose from a few readily available oils commonly used in skin care, add them to one or more nourishing carrier oils and voilà! -- your own personally-tailored recipe.

The obvious first choice is lavender. Lavender reduces inflammation and has natural constituents which stimulate healthy skin cell regeneration. Lavender in fact began the modern aromatherapy revolution with its quick healing of burns. Really, when we come in from sun over-exposure, even without a sunburn, we do have a mild burn on a cellular level. Lavender can be used undiluted on burned his skin, and will be an effective addition to any recipe.

Blue tansy, also known as Moroccan chamomile is a wonderful essential oil that is frequently used for its anti-inflammatory action in skin care. Blue Tansy is seen in many blends for dermatitis and skin irritation, and it will impart its deep blue cooling nature in your after sun healing recipe. It has a lovely 'blueberry patch in the forest' aroma loved by everyone who comes across it. It will also reduce allergic reactions that give us itchy skin in the summertime. Use in relatively small concentrations, of approximately 1-2 % in your overall formula.

Everlasting essential oil, better known as Helichrysum Italicum, is a wonderful and profoundly healing oil called for when the most potent anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects are needed. If you're looking for one of the secret ingredients in natural skincare, Helichrysum is it. You'll find Helichrysum in blends for scar reduction, wound healing, hair growth, and maintenance of mature skin. Its gentle nature belies its profound effects; it can be used at 100% strength if necessary, but is most often used at 3-5 % in skincare recipes.

And for be perhaps most profound protective effects, choose Sea Buckthorn. This essential oil has been studied by Russian scientists as a protective agent for cosmonauts in outer space. It's deep red color indicates a high concentration of vitamin A like compounds, highly regarded for their skin healing properties. Steam distilled from the berries found across Europe, it too has a sweet fruity aroma loved by many. Sea Buckthorn is useful in virtually any skincare application, and most certainly for an after-sun formula. Add at one to 3% in your carrier base.

You also have the option of adding other active-ingredients like natural vitamin E and fat soluble vitamin C to your mixture. You can simply empty or two capsules into each ounce of blend that you make.

All these ingredients will be based in natural 'carrier oils'. Carrier oils are common seed and nut oils like Avocado, Apricot Kernel, Evening Primrose, Jojoba, Hemp, and the specialty skincare oils Tamanu and Rosehip seed. Any of these oils alone will work wonderfully, though you can use two or more together to provide a synergy of healthy action for your skin. A general-purpose formula may include Avocado and Jojoba; a potent formula for extra skin health support might include Evening Primrose, Tamanu, and Rosehip seed.

The recipes are really flexible. You can easily tailor them to your own needs, or to those of your children and other loved ones. Simply choose one or more essential oils and add them to your carrier oil mixture at the rate of 15 drops per ounce. For example, for an excellent one ounce blend begin with a carrier base of 50% Rosehip seed and 50% Tamanu oil. To this you would add 5 drops each of Lavender, Sea Buckthorn, and Blue Tansy. This blend will smell so wonderful; you'll want to use it all the time. It will be gentle enough for everyone who has had a happy day in the sun. For care of mature skin, use a base of 1/3 each Apricot Kernel, Tamanu and Rosehip seed; to this add equal parts each of Helichrysum, Sea Buckthorn, Lavender, and Myrrh. This blend should be used after any long-term sun exposure to really protect your skin, and give it a long-lasting healthy glow.

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