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Facial Skin Care: CEW Beauty Awards Winners
Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Cosmetic Executive Women, Inc. (CEW) is a leading trade organization in the beauty industry, consisting of approximately 4,100 executives in the beauty, cosmetics, fragrance, and related industries. Based in New York City, with affiliations in France & the UK, the organization helps to develop the career contacts, knowledge, and skills of its members so that they may advance on both professional and personal levels. The Beauty Industry's Highest Honor, The CEW Beauty Awards recognize the most innovative beauty products of the year, as voted by CEW members, industry professionals & experts in the field of beauty. One of the reasons I like to read this list is because it does give me a list of things I need to try. And sometimes I'm looking for validation of my own choices. Is that lip product I can't live without a hit for anybody else?:)

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So, here is the list of facial skin care products that became winners in 2007.


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1. Moisturizer $30 and over

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Moisturizing Cream
Shiseido Cosmetics (America) Ltd.

A pioneer in skin brightening, White Lucent is the ultimate answer to dull, dry skin. Rich moisturizing cream utilizes latest research to improve clarity and texture. Contains gel capsules that release potent ingredients on contact, including Vitamin C to fade dark spots, Spot Deacti-Complex to inhibit melanin production and creation of new dark spots, rare Asian plant extracts to smooth, AE complex to improve absorption of ingredients, and natural plant fibers to seal them in.

2. Moisturizer Under $30

Ultra Facial Cream
Kiehl's Since 1851

This 24-hour, light-textured daily hydrator leaves skin comfortable and visibly well-balanced, particularly in harsh weather conditions. Includes Antarcticine–a glycoprotein extracted from microorganisms, sourced from sea glaciers, and notable for its ability to protect skin from cold temperatures–and Imperata Cylindrica, a plant indigenous to the Australian desert, which possesses superb water retention properties in dry conditions. With continuous water replenishment throughout the day, skin is smooth, healthy-looking, and "moisture-even."

Cleanser and Scrub

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1. Cleanser and Scrub $12 and over

Liquid Facial Soap

Clinically formulated cleansing by Clinique’s guiding dermatologist-that's how great skin starts. Our new nondrying liquid formula maintains skin’s protective lipids; works to loosen surface flakes; and preps skin for the exfoliating action of Clarifying Lotion. Custom-fit to skin types in Very Dry; Dry, Dry Combination; Combination Oily; and Oily skin formulas. These cleansers are clean-rinsing, leaving no potentially problematic residue, so they won't rob skin of its natural moisture balance.

2. Cleanser and Scrub Under $12

Dove Energy Glow Skin Brightening Facial Cleanser
Unilever - Dove

Dove Energy Glow Skin Brightening Facial Cleanser is formulated with moisturizers and vitamins that work with the skin’s renewal process. The cleanser includes exfoliating beads, which brighten skin, reveal a more even tone and help reduce the appearance of fine, dry lines. The product is dermatologist-tested and non-comedogenic, and provides oil-free moisturization.

Peel and Mask

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1. Peel and Mask $25 and over

Benefiance Pure Retinol Face Mask
Shiseido Cosmetics (America) Ltd.

Deep-penetrating face mask provides an instant lift. Delivers pure retinol to skin’s deepest layers more swiftly, stably and in larger amounts than ever before. Fine lines and wrinkles are dramatically diminished after one application. Contains pure liquid retinol, a stabilized form of vitamin A that promotes epidermal turnover and restores elasticity. Each retinal capsule is 1,000 times smaller than conventional capsules for quicker, deeper penetration. Also contains a vitamin C derivative, hesperidin, and ginseng extract.

2. Peel and Mask Under $25

Time Freeze Instant Lift Mask

The lifting mask smooths the appearance of fine lines and helps reduce puffiness, while improving microcirculation and preventing moisture loss. Lumene’s bio-communicatorä compound technology, together with plant sterols extracted from Arctic White Peat, helps to activate the skin’s own renewal process and improve its moisture balance and elasticity. Firming soy protein stimulates cells that produce elastin and collagen, making skin firmer and more supple.


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1. Anti-Aging $30 and over

Wexler Intensive Night Reversal & Repair Cream
Patricia Wexler M.D. Dermatology

The Intensive Night Reversal and Repair Cream combines Niacyl™ with Patricia Wexler M.D. Dermatology’s patented MMPi20™ technology. Together, the two complexes decrease expression lines, resurface imperfections and boost skin’s natural moisture level, so skin is firmer, plumper and less-less lined by morning. In addition, it contains two cutting-edge peptide complexes, Argireline™ to smooth lines and Matrixyl™ 3000 to visibly smooth wrinkles. It also contains Complex-C to brighten the skin.

2. Anti-Aging Under $30

Olay Definity Deep Penetrating Foaming Moisturizer
Procter & Gamble - Olay

Olay Definity Deep Penetrating Foaming Moisturizer penetrates up to 10 surface layers deep to help reverse the look of past damage coming from beneath the skin’s surface, allowing natural rebuilding of skin’s collagen. Less dense than a lotion or cream, this aerated serum feels virtually weightless on the skin and spreads more evenly. Formulated with Essential Glucosamine Complex, this moisturizer helps improve the appearance of uneven skin tone to reveal more luminous skin.

Acne Treatment

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1. Acne Treatment $10 and over

All-Over Blemish Solution
MD Skincare(R) by Dr. Dennis Gross

All-Over Blemish Solution prevents breakouts by penetrating deep into pores to disband blockages and blackheads before they surface. Pimples begin two to three weeks before they appear, so daily treatment is the best way to stop acne. Eliminating acne in the “flat” stage reduces the risk of developing unsightly blemishes otherwise known as "bumpy" acne. This product also contains a chelator, which removes heavy metals found in tap water that further irritate acne-prone skin.

2. Acne Treatment Under $10

Rapid Clear Pads

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Pads with maximum strength, acne-fighting salicylic acid (2%) contain a revolutionary technology, MicroClear™, to cleanse deep down within pores to dissolve trapped oil and dirt. Not only do they reduce existing acne in just eight hours, but they also help prevent future breakouts from occurring. They help stop emerging breakouts from becoming visible, and skin is left looking clearer and healthier without dryness or irritation.

Eye Treatment

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1. Eye Treatment $20 and over

ANEW Clinical Eye Lift

The first-ever, dual eye treatment featuring two different formulas to target both the upper and lower eye areas, providing a visible lift. The upper-eye gel features Avon’s exclusive Dimensional-Lift Technology, which strengthens and firms delicate eyelid skin from the inside out by boosting elastin and collagen. The under-eye cream features Avon’s Derma-Refine Technology and is formulated to accelerate cellular metabolism to reduce puffiness, dark circles and crepey skin.

2. Eye Treatment Under $20

After Tweeze Soothing Cream

Calms and soothes the skin after tweezing or waxing. With its rich and unique blend of moisturizers, honey and rice bran extract, this After Tweeze Soothing Cream provides a solution to irritation and redness. Absorbs quickly to soothe and moisturize the skin. A rich blend of moisturizers with honey and bran extract soothes and calms the brow area. Soft wand included for easy, precise application.

Lip Treatment

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1. Lip Treatment $14 and over

LipFusion XL

LipFusion XL is the first needle-free, Topical-Injectable™ to feature two naturally occurring fillers – micro-injected collagen and hyaluronic acid – to deliver maximum lip enhancement in a nighttime treatment. Using patented technology, the collagen and hyaluronic acid are dehydrated into microspheres, small enough to penetrate the lips. Upon application, they rehydrate and bond with the skin’s natural waters, stimulating healthy new collagen development, instant volume, and long-term plumping. Lips are dramatically firmer, fuller, and smoother overnight.

2. Lip Treatment Under $14

fRxtion Sugar Exfoliator & Lip Balm Duo

Innovative delivery system/packaging: Lipstick container with convenient flip-out mirror. Unique characteristics: Lip exfoliant and balm in one; brown sugar grains on one side scrub lips smooth, while Vitamin E balm soothes and hydrates lips.

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