Have you heard of ultrasonic facial treatment?

Ultrasound is a mechanical vibration wave that cannot cause the hearing reaction of the normal people, whose frequency is above 20000Hz. The method of treating the human body by ultrasound is called ultrasonic therapy. The ultrasonic frequency of 500~2500 kHz has certain therapeutic effect. The frequency commonly used in physiotherapy is usually 800~1000 kHz.

In recent years, the use of ultrasonic therapy has become increasingly widespread, far more than the original physiotherapy of general therapy, such as ultrasound treatment of cancer, urinary lithotripsy and stemmatological applications. So the concept of ultrasonic therapy should be broad (including a variety of special ultrasound therapy) and narrow (referring to physical therapy commonly used in the non-invasive dose) two kinds of therapy. At the same time, with the progress of modern science and technology, ultrasound is not only used in treatment, but also widely used in diagnosis, basic and Ultrasonic Facial Machine. So it has been called "ultrasonic medicine".

The essence of ultrasonic wave and sound wave is the same, which are all the mechanical vibration wave of the object propagated in the elastic medium. 1. Sound wave is a form of material transmission energy, so its propagation must depend on the medium, but cannot propagate in vacuum, which is different from light wave and electromagnetic wave. 2. When ultrasonic wave propagates to the surrounding medium, it produces a dense waveform.

The elastic wave formed by alternating the continuous compression layer and the sparse layer corresponds to the direction of the source oscillation and is an elastic longitudinal wave. Because the ultrasonic wave has a very short wavelength, it can aggregate into a narrow beam of transmission lines and spread in a bunch of straight lines, so the propagation has a certain directivity.

Speed of propagation. The propagation velocity of sound waves is related to the characteristics of medium, but not to the frequency of sound waves. Sound travels at a speed of 340 m/s in the air, 1500 m/s in the liquid and 5000 m/s in the solid. Human soft tissues are similar to those in the liquid, averaging about 1 540 m/s, and human bone tissue is about 3 380 m/s. The propagation speed of sound wave is accelerated with the rise of medium temperature. The temperature increases by 1 C and the sound speed increases by 0.6 m/s.

Absorption and penetration of ultrasound. When ultrasonic propagates in the medium, the intensity decreases with the propagation distance, which indicates that the ultrasonic energy is absorbed, and the absorption is related to the density, viscosity, thermal conductivity and ultrasonic frequency of the medium. Ultrasound is absorbed most in gas, less in liquid, least in solid, and the absorption coefficient in air is about 1000 times greater than in water. And the absorption coefficient of the medium is proportional to the square of the ultrasonic frequency, so the attenuation of high-frequency ultrasound in the air is very intense.

In practice, half absorbing layer is used to show the absorption ability of a medium to ultrasonic wave. The half absorption layer refers to the thickness of an ultrasonic wave in a medium that has been reduced to half of its original energy. The ultrasonic absorption of the same tissue at different frequencies is also different. The higher the ultrasonic frequency, the more absorption, and the shallower the penetration. Therefore, at present, the ultrasonic waves commonly used in physiotherapy take 8 million weeks / sec, and the penetration depth is about 5 centimeters.

Laser treatment for face, or laser beauty, is a new beauty method in recent years. This method can eliminate facial wrinkles and irradiate with appropriate amount of laser to make skin tender and smooth. Such as acne treatment, mole, senile plaques, etc. Because laser beauty is painless, safe and reliable, it is popular around the world.

Laser treatment for face is a special wavelength of laser beam through the epidermis and dermis, destroying pigment cells and pigment particles, fragments through the body of macrophages processing and absorption, safe without scarring, efficient realization of whitening purposes.

The main principle of the laser treatment for face product is to use the light wave band which is beneficial to human body, has strong transmission ability and high absorption rate of human tissue. The stimulation effect of the weak laser on biological tissue is utilized. At the same time, the facial points and local skin are irradiated to stimulate the facial meridians and collaterals effectively. It can accelerate blood circulation, improve skin supply, increase skin nutrition, promote skin metabolism, remove senile and atrophic epithelial cells, enhance facial skin collagen activity, promote cell regeneration, sebaceous gland and sweat gland secretion, stimulate epidermal nerve endings, and promote the body.

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