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How do I get rid of wrinkles on my face?
Tuesday, 13 October 2020

 Wrinkles are a natural and inevitable consequence of aging. However, people are not ready to accept fate, especially in the era of advanced medical and cosmetic technologies. 


 Although there are not known ways to stop aging, there is a number of ways to remove wrinkles once they appeared: botulinum therapy, laser, and dermal fillers. Let us discuss them in detail and choose the one that fights aging changes the best.

Botulinum toxin in Aesthetic Medicine

Products with botulinum toxin type A (Botox, Dysport, Azzalure) are gaining extreme popularity in the present times. The thing is that it provides wonderful outcomes in the elimination of wrinkles on the face for a long period of time. Moreover, the toxin works perfectly as a prevention method. 

How does it work? Once botulinum toxin (Botox) for facial wrinkles penetrates inside the skin tissues, it blocks the nerve endings. They become insensitive and unable to receive the signal from the brain. The muscles freeze and do not contract, not creasing the skin during the facial expressions and not forming wrinkles.
The procedure is relatively painless and lasts not more than sixty minutes, while the effect may last from 4 to 6 months. The only point to consider here is that botulinum toxin can cope only with mimic wrinkles. Thus, if you want to remove wrinkles and folds caused by aging, you need to consider another method.

Dermal fillers

The two types of dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxide are another popular and effective way to fight aging. Both substances fill in the creases, boost inner processes of collagen and elastin production, hydrate the skin, and eliminate wrinkles and folds of different depths. The effect will last around 12-18 months, depending on the dermal filler brand, your age, current skin condition, lifestyle, etc. Moreover, it does not limit your facial expressions. Dermal fillers can also be injected in many different areas:
  • Forehead;
  • Temples;
  • Cheeks;
  • Cheekbones;
  • Under eyes;
  • Jawline;
  • Lips;
  • Around mouth;
  • Jawline;
  • Chin;
  • Neck;
  • Hands.


It is another modern way if you want to know how to remove wrinkles. If Botox and dermal fillers work from inside, laser correction works from outside. The laser polishes the skin surface, making it much smoother and even. It does not prevent or fight wrinkles, but eliminates the actual manifestation of wrinkles on the face, making your look younger.

What procedure to choose?

To get a precise answer, you should consult with the cosmetologist. He/she will carefully examine your skin and evaluate the final expectations to choose for you the best procedure. Sometimes, you could combine a few methods to get perfect results. For example, you may take botulinum toxin injections into the forehead, glabella, and under eyes zone, if you have active facial impressions, and then inject dermal fillers to hydrate the tissues, smooth deeper wrinkles, and restore the volume. In any case, we are sure that with the possibilities of modern cosmetology, you will find a perfect method to remove wrinkles and preserve youth and beauty.


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