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Keeping Up Your Beauty Routine in Your Golden Years
Monday, 14 December 2020

When a lady reaches a stage in her life when she starts considering going into assisted living, one might think that the party is over. The reality is that retirement communities are some of the most active, adventure filled, social settings around. You will be surrounded by your peers, have plenty of events to go to, and your friend group will likely expand. So, if maintaining your radiance and beauty has always been of importance, that isn't going to fall by the wayside when you reach your golden years. Here is how women of a certain age and others can continue to care for their hair, skin, and general health as they get older.

General Hygiene and Personal Care

True beauty comes from within. And although this is the case no matter your age, you also have to be concerned about what is on the outside. Forget about imperfections or unusual features. To keep up your beauty routine with ease, you have to start with basic hygiene and personal grooming tasks. Washing your face, brushing your teeth, combing your hair, and moisturizing your skin should be a daily occurrence. If you have any trouble with mobility that would hinder you from performing these tasks on your own, make sure that you get help from a nurse or health aide. Before you can lay on the perfume or curl your hair, you must have an adequate personal hygiene routine.

Using the Right Moisturizer

As people age, their skin can get thinner, more tender, and fragile. You may be more prone to having rashes, dry skin, or other types of irritation. In the winter, chafing and dry skin conditions may more easily emerge. Combat this and preserve your beauty by using a high-quality moisturizer. You might have a moisturizer that you have been using since adolescence, such as cold cream. Use whatever works for you best. Ask your doctor to prescribe a medicated lotion if dry or irritated skin is a major concern. When you have healthy, clean, and well moisturized skin, your natural beauty becomes much more noticeable.

Considering Makeup Brands

You get to decide when and how much makeup you wear, but sometimes beauty routines can change as you reach your golden years. If you have always worn a particular brand that becomes discontinued, you may be discouraged and not even want to look at other options. Remember that the world continuously changes - even makeup brands and manufacturers. Today, there are easy ways to find substitute makeup brands without you needing to go to the beauty counter. You may also find that there are new products that can help you to complete your look with less time and effort. Anti-aging serums, special creams, and additional makeup application tips and steps can help to enhance your regular beauty routine as well.

Having a Daytime and Nighttime Look

Just because you are getting up there in age, doesn't mean that you can't still serve various looks. A light and easy daytime makeup routine will make you look fresh and youthful. However, feel free to play up your eyes, highlight your lips, and add a pop of color for all of your nighttime engagements. At Brandywine Living, for example, residents are able to partake in a number of social activities. From dining together in a formal dining room each evening, to planned outings and trips, there will be plenty of occasions for you to show off your nighttime makeup looks.

Maintaining Your Beauty Along with Your Health

Although everyone wants to look impeccable on the outside, you have to think about how you are feeling and functioning first. When you eat right, get lots of exercise, drink an adequate amount of water, and keep a sunny disposition, you tend to look more beautiful. The people around you will get a sense that you are well and enjoying this amazing stage in your life. When you maintain your health and beauty, you are simply more approachable because you give off a positive vibe and have an attractive aura. So, rather than fuss about how much makeup to wear each day, make sure you take your multivitamins and get in enough exercise to stay looking your best.

Being Daring

Some things may change as you get older, but aging alone does not mean that you have to become boring or stop doing all of the fun things with your looks that you have always enjoyed. Feel free to spike up your hair, dye it purple, or put on a stunning shade of black lipstick. What is age appropriate or not is up to you and a matter of your own personal decisions. Stay on trend by getting a popular hairstyle or even get a complete makeover. The choice is yours. If maintaining your beauty is vital, then you will take all opportunities to try something new when the opportunity arises.

Falling Back on Trusty Standbys

Early on, most women find out what colors look best against their complexions, along with what styles, features, and even products work best. If you have cool tones, then you already know what shades and colors will make your eyes stand out and your skin glow. As such, you probably have quite a few old, trusty standbys that you have been using for years to look absolutely amazing. Keep relying on them when needed, as you are still the same young-hearted woman you were decades ago.

Getting Beauty Tips from Friends

Whether you live in a retirement community or simply enjoy meeting up with your friends for lunch dates, you all probably still have lots to talk about. While you are trading old war stories or catching up on new events, don't forget to share beauty tips. When you see another older woman who is wearing a radiant shade of lipstick, pay her a compliment and see if you can find out where she bought it.
Regardless of what you look like externally, you have to truly feel good in order to look great. If your health is in good order, then you can be sure that your beauty is really shining through. Continue to take care of yourself physically and emotionally so that you get the full benefit of your regular beauty routine.
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