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Saturday, 13 June 2020

We are now in the era of beauty tips and secrets coming from everywhere. From skin experts to our friends who have tried everything literally off the shelves, unsolicited advice is everywhere, especially when you have an obvious skin problem. It's easy to get frustrated and impatient with your journey to achieve your skincare goals even though medico-esthetique has a come a long way.But before you throw away your skincare products or restart a completely new skin regimen, consider possible reasons why your beauty routine is failing.

Why is your skincare routine, not working?

You are not changing your pillowcase regularly

You completed your skincare routine and now are ready for beauty rest. But you haven't changed your pillowcase which accumulated dust, dirt, and oil over time—thus reintroducing dirt back to your skin.

You are not exfoliating or doing it too much

Exfoliating is the process where you remove dead skin cells and let new skin cells to replace it. Without exfoliating, your skin becomes dull looking. Exfoliating too much, however, will shed off new skin even before you get to enjoy it. Leaving you with inflamed and irritated skin.

You are using the wrong products

Every skincare routine is based on skin type. Skin types vary from normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive skin. So make sure you know your skin type before starting a beauty regimen.

You are using your product the wrong way

Skin products are intended to attain a specific skin goal. Each is created in different consistency and base. Make sure that you follow the product description and know which product to apply first. As a rule of thumb, use thinnest to the thickest products.

You lack nutrition

Our skin is a holistic part of our body–not a separate entity. If we don't take care of our physical health and nutrition, then it will show in our skin. Keep in mind and remind yourself to eat a well-balanced diet and stay hydrated.

Beauty Tips and Secrets that you should start today

The first thing you need to do is to correct the things that you are doing wrong. Then you can start with these level-up beauty techniques to make your skincare routine work for you.

Don't rush your skincare routine

Your skin health is worth investing time in. What I mean by not rushing your skincare routine is allowing your products to be absorbed well before applying the next product. That way, you get the most benefit from each product. However, don't wait up for your skin to dry up before applying your moisturizers and serums.

Use gentle pressure and upward motion when applying products

Always use gentle pressure when applying your products. For moisturizers and foundations, use your middle finger and index finger using upward motions. For cleansers and serum, use your palm and softly pat to your face. You can also use a circular motion gently.

Treat your neck as an extension of your face

Signs of aging are visible in our neck as well. So your neck should receive as much love as your face. Always use upward motions when applying products to your neck.

Increase blood flow to your face

Nutrition is distributed to the different parts of your body through blood circulation. Boost nutrition to your face by increasing blood flow towards your face. This can be done with facial massages or gentle slaps to your face after completing your skin regimen.

Store your products properly

Most products react unfavourably with direct sunlight. So make sure that your beauty products are kept in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. During summer, you can also store your beauty products in the chiller faster to avoid spoilage or change consistency. Successful beauty skincare relies on the right product and the proper technique. However, many factors can still play in the condition of our skin, such as overall health, hormone imbalances, and environmental factors.

The best way to combat a longstanding skin problem is to invest in your health. Check more MummyJene health tips here.


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