Pico Laser Skin Treatment in Singapore
Tuesday, 10 November 2020

 The use of Pico Laser technology for the treatment of varied skin conditions is gaining momentum globally and more so in Singapore. It is the safest and the most effective remedy for the removal of skin conditions such as unwanted colors, tattoos, wrinkles, and, acne scars. This technology uses ultrashort picoseconds laser pulses using max power for fast and instant results. It is much faster than the regular Q-Switched laser method since it produces a shorter pulse duration.

 Tattoo Removal

At some point, you may want to remove tattoos from your skin, and opting for the Pico Laser technology would be the best option. This is a new technology in the market that has surpassed the use of Q-Switched laser. Pico Laser releases a high energy level in a short period. The energy released thus dismantles the tattoos into many tiny inks hence, taking a shorter time to remove the tattoos which ultimately lowers the risk of thermal skin damage.

The use of both heat and light waves to remove ink from tattoos makes the technology faster than the normal lasers treatment technology.

Acne Treatment

Using Pico Laser to remove acne has proved to be invaluable. The process involves eliminating bacteria that cause skin problems at the deeper layer of the skin. The pulsed light produced by the PICO laser helps in removing inflammation and redness of the skin.

The acne removal process takes a shorter time and the whole treatment may last 4 to 5 weeks to achieve the desired outcomes. This treatment is also effective in the removal of pimples causing bacteria from the skin. Pico Laser manages acne by reducing the oil produced by the skin through the destruction of the oil glands. 

Skin Rejuvenation

Pico Laser, the latest technology in the aesthetic laser industry has proven to be more effective in skin rejuvenation treatment. This technology uses ultrashort pulses to create pressure waves. This photochemical effect boosts the production of collagen and elastin on the skin without side effects. 

Upon consulting with your practitioner, and getting assurance that, the procedure can be performed on your skin, the next step entails the actual treatment. This process involves laser adjustments depending on your skin condition, followed by skin cleansing through a disinfecting lotion. It takes 3 to 6 sessions of 20 mins each to fully change your skin texture to your desired state. As a patient, you can get more information at www.cambridgemedical.com.sg for varied skin ailments and their respective solutions.


This is a skin pigmentation disorder with dark patches on the skin more so on your face. You don’t need to worry about these conditions since it is curable. Get rid of melasma by using Pico Laser, which uses a beam of light and heat to destroy the affected areas of the skin.


Taking care of your skin problems is no longer an uphill task. The innovation of Pico Laser technology has simplified these treatments. The technology makes skin treatment faster and effective. Whichever ailment you are experiencing, you may opt for the PICO laser treatment method. It is recommended that; you consult with your practitioner to assess your skin type and condition before commencing the treatment. Research further on your own through varied platforms such as cambridgemedical.com.sg to get more details about various skin treatment solutions.
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