Pimple Patches – What You Need to Know About Them?
Wednesday, 11 March 2020

 Everyone has dealt or is still dealing with acne- until you are extremely lucky. Acne is horrendous and they can be quite difficult to control. Pimple showing unannounced leaving blemishes and scare is the worst. But looks like there is a effective solution to get rid of the unwanted pimples – pimple patches. 

 This is not a new product, but it is only the last couple of years that this product has gain popularity- thanks to social media. The skincare brand COSRX also offers pimple patches that have become quite popular worldwide. 

Types of Pimple Patches 

Following are the types of pimple patches available in the market – 

1. Non-Medicated Pimple Patches –

These types of acne patchwork as wound-care, it is made of a hydrocolloid material, which protects the pimples from the biggest enemies – fingers. Moreover, they work to absorb excess fluid, allowing the zit to heal faster. The material of the patch is known to collects the gunk accumulated inside the blemish, sucking it away from the skin. After removing the pad, you will notice that blemishes have become flatter. 

2. Medicated Patches 

Medicated patches are more common and thinners that go unnoticed on the skin.  These acne patches features various active ingredients such as tea tree tea oil, salicylic acid, etc. that can treat blemishes effectively. They help the medical to stay in and treat the acne effectively. It is important to consider that these patches don’t make your pimple disappear overnight; however, they tend to reduce the blemish to a significant level. If you have a big zit, then you might have to use the product twice until it gets completely vanished. 

How Do these Acne Patches Work?

Acne patches come in circular, semi-transparent stickers. They are made using hydrocolloid dressing. It is similar to a wound bandage, which draws moisture within the pores, without drying the skin around it. When you apply the patch on the pimples, the principle remains the same as the wound bandage. It also pulls dirt and oil from the zit. 

Skincare Mistakes to Avoid During Acne 

While acne patches are great to reduce pimples, you have to follow a careful routine to control them. Following are some skincare mistakes that can aggravate your acne – 
  • You might be using exfoliating cleanser to clean out your pores, but it can be harsh on your skin and make the acne worse. Instead, users can use physical exfoliators that can effectively remove dead skin. 
  • While over-the-counter medication is effective in reducing the breakouts, overdoing, or applying less might be harmful. Ensure that you use a thin layer of the medication on clear skin, not more than twice a day. 
  • Not applying sunscreen or wrongly applying it can worsen your acne. Choose a noncomedogenic, oil-free sunscreen and apply an even layer on the skin, 15 minutes before stepping out.
Treating acne-prone skin requires you to invest in the right products and techniques. But more importantly, you must understand the reason that is causing the acne so that you can start from there.
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