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The Best Face Roller for Your Skin
Saturday, 26 December 2020

There are so many beauty tools out there these days. How do you know if any actually work? Which ones do you actually need? Well, one of them that you should have at the ready is a face roller.

Jade or rise quartz, face rollers are a handy tool that can decrease puffiness and reduce redness, and can also help to ease headaches and relieve some of that sinus pressure.
Face rollers have been around for centuries, but they have recently been gaining popularity. Whatever your reasons for wanting to try a face roller, the important thing is that you try it.

Why A Face Roller?

Face rollers have been around for centuries, first used by the Chinese. The relaxing and healing properties of jade and quartz are well-known.
With more women embracing a more natural look, it’s been important to find a tool that helps with the main issues of puffiness and dullness. Using a face roller consistently can help with those two problems to give women the confidence they need to go natural.

Rose Quartz or Jade?

Is there a guide to which stone face roller you should me using? Does it matter? Well, if you want more of a cooling effect, you want to go with rose quartz. Rose quartz is also the harder stone, so it will really last you longer then jade.
But jade being a softer stone isn’t bad. It will adapt to your skin and give a warming sensation. It’s about what kind of effect you are looking for and how you want to your face to feel during and after. I
f you want your skin to feel cooler, throw your rose quartz roller in the fridge beforehand. If you want a calmer, warmer face massage, put some facial oil on and use your jade roller.
Either way, you’ll see benefits from consistent use. Just in case, better get one of each. So let’s get rolling and check out a few.

Some Face Rollers to Look For

Mount Lai De-Puffing Jade Facial Roller
This handy guy you can get at Sephora. It’s actually pretty cheap as far as face rollers go. Though it won’t magically clear up your acne, if will help soothe your skin. Apply your favorite face cream or face oil before you roll your face to get the full effect.
Skin Gym Double Duty Smooth ; Textured Jace Face Roller
This fun face roller has one side for your normal de-puffing but another to really get deep into your skin tissue and rejuvenate your skin. The textured side can help get your skin really moving and the blood circulating, which will help your skin out when you switch to the smooth side.
Atahana Jade Roller
This one is fun because it comes with a fun instructional video for you to watch to understand how to use it. Yes, you roll it over your face, but the proper way to get actual results. It will also show you which face messages to do to deal with certain problems.
LEZDPP Agate Jade Roller Massage
If for no other reason then the super funky color of this roller, you should get it. It’s double sided, which is what you want with any roller. It’s jade so you get those benefits too. But most rollers are either greed jade or pink quartz. This unique color will be something you’ll be able to smile about.
Herbivore Botanicals Rose Quartz Facial Roller
This pretty in pink face roll will help you give your skin a much needed detox. Giving your face a rollover can be very calming for you and stimulating for your skin. The coolness of the quartz will feel amazing on your face.
It’s all about self-care, no matter the format. Whether you want a face massage or to work on those eye lines, getting a face roller can improve the over feel and look of your skin. So pick a roller, toss it in the fridge, and get your favorite face oil ready. As long as you are taking care of your skin, that’s the important thing.


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