The Importance of Unbiased Beauty Product Reviews

In this world of materialism and glamour, finding the sound and unbiased is digging for gold under water. There are all sorts of marketing strategies like PPC, affiliate marketing, Google Adwords, search engine optimization, social media management and social media optimization to name just a few. However, reviews were the only source of legit opinions shared by users only. Spoiler Alert: that is not entirely true. Now are the times when even reviews can be bought or sold. Read below to find much more about this issue of concern.

In a book known as “Everyone's a Critic: Winning Customers in a Review-Driven World” by Bill, persuades the idea that about 89% to 90% of the decisions making related to shopping online is made through reviews. Reviews are an influential ideology to affect consumer rates. This definitely means that reviews good or bad should be unbiased. How important it is to have an unbiased beauty product review? Read on, to find the mystery behind this rather mysterious but very meaningful question.

1. Health concerns

Without an unbiased beauty product reviews, the consumer could get an allergy, or if one has a sensitive skin might leads towards acne or rashes. Some type of poorly conditioned makeup can leads to aging and sagging skin as well. Your skin is as precious to you like gold. Hence you cannot just experiment on it.

2. A review is the face of a brand

A review basically makes the brands image in the eyes of a consumer. Hence unbiased reviews will keep you on a safe side and keep you from being their target. So the company’s or product image greatly depends upon its reviews. In a site like SelectedBest, one can find some awesome beauty products through their helpful unbiased and trustworthy reviews. They have reviewed various products such as Mac, Huda Beauty, NYC and many more. This gives you an opportunity to select the best beauty product in the market.

3. To maintain quality

Unbiased beauty products reviews help companies get feedback of their respected clients. It is helpful to figure out what your consumer seeks, and what lacks in the product. This way they could use the latest formulas and technologies to enhance their product quality and make it more users friendly.

How do companies cheat you?

There are many companies out there who are entwined with a brand. They work with certain brands to commercialize their products more and increase buying ratio. That results in all sorts of positive feedback of the beauty products used. If the feedback is negative they remove such comments and block that person from any further contact with the company. Though this does not mean that all companies are cheating you like that. There are several beauty companies and bloggers who review products based on their personal use and so give them the rating they deserve.
Beauty companies like TrustAdvisor give a chance to the customers to give the feedback as per their personal use of the product. This could be a negative or positive feedback. They also have a rating option for its audience to rate the products according to their experience with the product. Though be aware of companies like Influenster and Octoly. As they facilitate product reviews on different sites like Amazon for different products and brands like Sephora. This initiative makes it difficult for a buyer to enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience which has now become a stressful and tiring activity. Do keep in mind that the main objective of these reviews was to make the shopping more easily and effective rather than for increasing the sales.

Retailers like Amazon keeps a check on their buyers and is potentially aware of those reviewers who receive incentives, gift cards, sample products and commission from different brands. Though the check in balance is strict not all website have any authority over these reviewers who work for a paycheck to increase the profit margin. Hence this is where it gets a little murkier!

Objectification is hard

It is a hard job to objectify a beauty product on the basis of reviews biased or unbiased as the user experience varies according to different situations. These might include your skin texture, how much you care for your skin, is it affected with UV sunlight radiation and do you have any skin allergies. These are some factors which should be kept in mind when buying a beauty product.

When you’re shopping cart and wallet is concerned you should always make the smart choice. That is to have specialists in stores to assist you in buying a beauty product. If shopping online you must check on different websites the feedback given by its users. Also, you should be aware of the ingredients put in to use. So stay aware and beautiful!


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