What Vitamins are Good for the Skin?
Friday, 28 June 2019

 The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It covers us from tip to tail and protects us from infections, illnesses, injuries and all sorts of things that would damage our bodies. While we never forget to take care of our heart or our lungs, it’s sometimes easy to forget to take care of our skin.

 The skin requires lots of key nutrients to stay happy, healthy and hydrated. However, it can be difficult to make sure you're consuming them all each and every day.

What vitamins are good for the skin?

According to WebMD, the top seven vitamins and nutrients the skin needs are:
1. Monounsaturated fats
2. Polyunsaturated fats
3. Protein
4. Vitamin A
5. Vitamin C
6. Zinc
7. Selenium
Quite a lot to keep track of! While a bit of orange juice in the morning and some avocado in your salad at lunch will cover nutrients one, two and five, it may prove challenging to get all seven on a daily basis.
How can you fill in those gaps?
A good way to fill in gaps in your diet is to take supplements. Supplements fill in all the little ‘holes’ that you may be missing in your diet, without you having to eat extra food or cut out foods from your diet.
One great supplement to consider is collagen supplements. Collagen is high in protein and is made up of helpful amino acids. These amino acids – and the keratin the body makes out of them – “form the structure of the skin”, as WebMD also writes in their article.
How can Wellness Please help?
Wellness Please offers two great collagen supplements: the Multi-Collagen Jar and Multi-Collagen Single Serve Packs. These supplements are easy to use and easy to add to your diet without messing up your schedule.
The powders found in the jar and single serve packs are flavorless, allowing you to add them to any drinks – even water! – without altering the flavor or texture. The powders can also be added to foods that you're preparing, allowing you to slip them into a dressing, cake batter or a cup of instant ramen.
Collagen supplements are essential when it comes to skin health, especially if you’re missing any of the important nutrients listed above. Collagen is a natural nutrient made by your body and found in animals, meaning your bodywill happily absorb any extra collagen as if it were a superfood.
In addition to helping out your skin, collagen will also help you grow healthier longer hair, stronger nails and may even alleviate some joint and tendon pain.
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