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Your Rules for a Perfect Haircut
Thursday, 08 November 2007

There are hairstyles that go with almost every face shape. The perfect haircut must follow these 6 simple rules:

your perfect hairstyle




Not too layer too much in back. The best layers are left to the front & are meant to frame the face, but never go above the eye on short hair or above earlobes on long hair.

Don’t go too long. Don’t grow your hair more than a few inches above the collarbone. Only girls 18 and younger can get away with hair that falls way below their breasts. If you prefer long length, your hair will look longer it you give up on layers in back and cut it at breast level.

Long length allows you to wear it straight, curly, pull your hair back into a ponytail and you can try different hairstyles.

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For example a cute “chignon for everyday“: Pull your hair back into a low ponytail. Twist hair into a bun & secure with another ponytail holder. If you want to look younger, fresher & less formal, let the ends stick out a bit.

Bangs are cool, but keep the brush away and leave it tight! You should avoid the thin, wispy bang, it will make your face look ‘boxy’ and dated. An asymmetrical bang from left to right looks good even when is to long to be called bang and you can wear your favorite straight bang-curly hair hairstyle, even if it the bang is too long.

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If you are over 35 and can’t give up long hair, get your haircut in the back in a V-shape. It allows for extra length without leaving you looking too ‘high school,’ plus it’s a classic look for long hair that’s universally considered sexy.

If you’re for a elongated, razor-cut layered hairstyle, you should cut it to definitive lengths at bangs, sides and neck areas, the haircut is intended to showcase the long swan-like neck and sleek jaw line. This hairstyle is technically classified as a mullet, but its texturing and softness are much more flattering than traditional mullet hairstyles.


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