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15 Ways to Keep Your Happy Relationship
Saturday, 25 October 2008

Recently I've stumbled one interesting post 15 Ways To Keep A Healthy Relationship. It made me to think about "healthy relationship". In our everyday life we have so many relationships - with our friends, family, colleagues,lovers... Sometimes we have good relationship, sometimes bad, or healthy and unhealthy. All depends on our actions and feelings about these relationships. I think you can make happy, healthy relationships with anyone - it's so easy and simple. All you need is to change your view on this point. So, let's see what you need to make your relationships happy and healthy:



1. Love each other.

I would like to change a bit - love others! Sincerely! Give your love, share it truly - and you will feel the difference:) You will make your life happier, others life happier - and of course you will get your happier relationships;)

2. Don't Lie.

I completely agree with author. Truth is very important. Mind can believe in your lies, but not heart. Heart always feel when something is insincere, so be sincere, do not waste your energy for lies.

3. Keep Good Communication.

Common interests are important , good communications are important. Work on it!

4. Stay Sweet.

I like this point:)You may be furious, but leave it... It's not pleasant, nor for you, nor for others. It's so cool to be sweet!

5. After facing a fight with each other just forgive and forget.

So true! Even if you had a fight - learn to forgive. We all make mistakes - we are humans, not robots. It's normal. And it is normal for humans to forgive and forget these unpleasant moments.

6. Never talk about breakup.

All our thoughts and all our words come real. Do not talk about it. It can become real.

7. If you are really sorry, mean it!

Don't say it just to say. Really mean it. It is very powerful word - so use it carefully and sincerely.

8. Don't compare your past and present.

Every moment is unique. Every person is individual. Do not waste your time for comparing, you should better enjoy the moment and live it to its fullest!

9. Don't talk about your past relationships.

Check the previous item.

10. Give and take process.

Your relationship is a harmony of giving and taking. Enjoy it!

11. Be more sensitive of the feelings of your partner.

Don't think just about your feelings. Feel what your partner is feeling. It can help you to be more understanding and caring.

12. When you had a fight, don't let the day pass without being fine.

If you had a problem - you should solve it. Don't let it be. It's so easy to understand what you did wrong and say sorry. It's much better then to let it stay.

13. Don't be the perfect one, be the right one.

You are unique. You can't be perfect - perfect is common and boring. Be yourself!

14. Swallow your pride.

Just swallow it!

15. Among any other celebration, never forget to remember anniversaries or monthsaries.

:) Take care about others, take care about their feelings - and you will get the happiest relationships ever:)

Especial thanks for these ideas and inspiration to my dear friend Ace Campillo

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