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Donor Eggs: Offering New Hope to Couples Struggling with Infertility
Wednesday, 26 May 2021

When an individual or couple decides to have a child, the hope is that nature will take its course and their family will grow as expected.

However, for many people, there can be significant obstacles on the road to parenthood.
Fertility treatments and their costs vary based on the cause of the problem and identifying that cause may be one of the biggest challenges involved in the process.

In some cases, IVF with donor eggs may be used to treat infertility. Infertility treatment using donated eggs may sound complicated, but it’s less difficult than you think.

Let’s begin with an overview of how the donor egg cycle process works.

When are donor eggs used to treat infertility?

There are several reasons why individuals may be struggling with infertility, and there are nearly as many treatments as there are causes. For example, some intended parents are unable or unlikely to get pregnant using their own eggs. Premature ovarian failure, advanced maternal age, genetic disorders, and some medical treatments can affect egg quality.
In these cases, using an egg donor may be recommended. It’s a lot to come to terms with, and it’s easy to understand why anyone hoping to grow their family would need to take time to think about using donated eggs instead of their own. Thankfully, frozen egg banks like Donor Egg Bank USA offer a database of over 400+ unique egg donor profiles for you to find your best donor match.

What do we know about egg donors?

In some cases, an individual using donor eggs to treat infertility may be able to use the egg of a known donor, like a close friend or family member. This is an enormous and beautiful gesture, but it’s not without its own set of complications. The decision about when and what information to disclose to the child is one that should be made early, and all parties must agree.
If an individual doesn’t personally know or want a person in their life to become their egg donor, they’re able to choose an anonymous pre-screened donor from a reputable egg bank. Through online donor databases, prospective parents can search for egg donors from the comfort of their own home or office.
There are many reasons why women choose to become egg donors, but a common thread is the desire to help individuals struggling with infertility. Donors come from all walks of life, and with the option to learn more about their education, family, hobbies, and interests, you can get a great sense of your egg donor’s personality. You can also typically see pictures of your donor as an adult and as a child, which can enable you to select someone who’s a close physical match to your family.

How does a donor egg cycle work? Is it like IVF?

When undergoing a fresh donor egg IVF cycle, the cycles of the donor and recipient must be synchronized to ensure the donor’s eggs are retrieved at the optimal time for fertilization and implantation. Fortunately, this process can be greatly simplified by choosing to use frozen donor eggs instead of fresh. Once considered an experimental treatment, the use of frozen donor eggs has become accepted as a viable and very reliable treatment option in the medical community.
In addition to lower costs, the synchronization of a donor and recipient’s cycles isn’t necessary when using a frozen egg. This means there are fewer opportunities for an illness or a family emergency to delay your transfer process for another cycle. Finally, pregnancy success rates of frozen donor eggs are nearly identical to those achieved when using fresh eggs.

Don’t Lose Hope: Build Your Family with Frozen Donor Eggs

Navigating the world of fertility treatments can be overwhelming to some prospective parents. If you’re exploring your treatment options, know that there are more choices available to help you grow your family than ever before. Ultimately, the decision you make will be based on what your doctor recommends for your specific case. Ready yourself by learning everything you can, and know that there are many people ready, willing, and able to help you find the answers to all your questions.
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