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The Socrates Secret
Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Socrates was one of the world’s greatest philosophers. He did something that only a handful of people throughout history have been able to do, and that is to change the whole course of human thought. Centuries after his death he is honored as one of the wisest persuaders ever to have graced this planet. His Method?

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His whole technique, now called the "Socratic Method" was based upon getting a "YES, YES" response. Asking questions with which his opponent would have to agree, he kept asking questions, winning admission after admission, until finally one finds themselves, embracing a conclusion, that only minutes ago you would have emphatically apposed.

When talking to people, don't begin by discussing the things on which you differ. Rather speak of the things on which you agree. Keep emphasizing the fact that you are both striving for the same thing. The Key Repetition for emphasis! Emphasize that there is only one difference, one of method more than purpose.

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Get the person saying Yes, Yes... A No response is a very difficult obstacle to overcome, as a "NO", subconsciously tells a person to stay constant. When you say "NO", all your pride of personality demands that you remain consistent with yourself. You after saying no, may feel ill advised, but nevertheless, there is your precious pride to consider. Start a person on the affirmative. Its a very simple technique - this "Yes" response. And yet how much, it is neglected! It often seems as if people get a sense of their own importance by antagonizing others at the outset.

A skillful speaker, from the outset gets a number of "YES" responses. This puts into motion a mindset, a psychological process that has your Listeners moving in the affirmative direction. An illustration of this is, if you were to Propel a ball in one direction, it would take an enormous amount of force to deflect it; in fact far more energy, than when you first started it, on its original path.

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All you need to do, is think that when a person says "NO", and really means it, that every molecule every ounce, of their being, gathers together into a condition of rejection. When to the contrary, a person says "YES", has none of the withdrawal activities take place.

The next time we are tempted to tell someone that they are wrong, try the subtle art of "Socrates Method", asking gentle questions that encourage "Yes" responses. I believe its the Chinese that say it best, in a wise old proverb saying, "He who treads softly will go far".

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