6 Tips for Creating an Effective Fleet Maintenance Program
Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Fleet maintenance software is important for every rent-a-car business or just any company that has multiple cars available at all times for different types of work. Fleet maintenance software is what helps businesses keep all of their operations running as smoothly as possible, ensuring minimal costs when it comes to government-related regulation and other similar things.

It also helps with ensuring reliability for all the vehicles, eliminating the risk of unexpected operation errors from happening. For many businesses, this is crucial for success. In order to have a solid fleet maintenance program, you’ll need a sophisticated fleet maintenance software.

If you are someone who runs a business in which multiple vehicles are included as a part of it, we suggest that you keep on reading until the end. We’re going to help you by providing tips that are worth hearing, so let’s not waste any more time and jump straight into the content.

1. Fleet maintenance software

You must use a solid fleet maintenance software in order to get a sophisticated maintenance program in return. Software of this type will provide all the required data and analytics you need to keep everything in check. It’s much easier to invest in something like this than trying to gather all the data on your own. It can be tiresome, and in many situations where you have tons of different cars it may be even impossible to do so on your own. Thankfully, computers and technology are always here to help us out.

2. Create your own manual maintenance checklist

This is no different than maintaining or tracking things for any other vehicle, except you need to do it for many cars at the same time, which is why we always recommend finding a reliable fleet maintenance software as a first step. But, if you don’t want to do that, make your own checklist and tick things off as you track them. Leaks, mounts, fluids and tire wearing. You have to know when these things need to be changed and you need to do it on time.

3. Implement tips from car pros

Teach all of your employees to take care of the cars just like real professionals do. This is very important and will take you really far. All your vehicles will be in a great shape if your employees know how to maintain them, how to properly report faults and not hide any costs.

4. Hire one person to be in charge for the inspection

Your fleet maintenance program must have one person that’s in charge of the entire thing. They need to take care of all the inspections and provide accurate reports to you on a regular basis. If each employee thinks that they are the ones responsible for the car they’re driving, you’ll have a problem. Everyone will report a different thing based on their own opinion, which in most cases can be unprofessional.

5. Invest in a solid equipment

You can never know in what shape your cars really are unless you have the right inspection equipment for the job. This includes engine scanners, computers, tire-pressure checkers and a lot more. It’s difficult for smaller businesses to have something like this, but if you have multiple vehicles, it’s important to invest in this and in a fleet maintenance software as well. Data is important in 2020, and nothing helps you acquire it easier than a sophisticated and well-put software.

6. Customize the checklist according to your vehicle models

Last but not least, checklists are not the same for every vehicle type, so customize them according to the type of cars you have. It’s better to be accurate with the information in order to maximize efficiency.
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