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Social Media Aggregators - What is it? and Why So Useful?
Tuesday, 05 January 2021

In today’s time, when social media has made its impact on the daily life of people all over the world, marketers have started leveraging this platform for their campaigns and promotions.

So, there is a need for solutions that utilizes all the elements of social media platforms to expand the marketing efforts of all the brands and this gave rise to social media aggregator tools.

What Are Social Media Aggregators?

Discovering the relevant social media content and collecting them to make a beautiful display is what marketers have been doing recently. The tool they use for this purpose is known as social media aggregators.
In simple terms, social media aggregators are the tools that help brands and marketers to discover the most appropriate content, collect it, and curate it into a unified social media feed.
Using social media aggregators, brands can collect user-generated content from multiple social platforms using hashtags, mentions, tagged posts, profiles, etc. This UGC helps the brand to enhance customer engagement, build trust, dignify the brand’s image, boost conversions, and sales.

Ways To Use Social Media Aggregators

There are various ways to use a Social Media Aggregator Tool for the promotional activities of the brand.
1. Embed Social Media Feed Widget On Website
The most primary use of Social media aggregators is to create a unique and captivating Social media feed and embed it on the website. This will let your website visitors interact with your social media presence and will increase their engagement with the brand and its products.
2. Display Social Media Wall At Events
To make the events more engaging and exclusive, event organizers use social media aggregators to create an exquisite social media wall and display it on big digital screens at the event.
3. Digital Signages
Digital Signages are the displays at the venue majorly used for offline marketing at places such as restaurants, hotels, salons, airports, shopping stores, etc. using social media aggregators, brands can collect user-generated content from social media and can display the curated feed on screens to showcase the authenticity and social proof of their products and services.
4. Ecommerce Platforms
Collecting UGC from social channels, curating them into a single feed, and adding shoppable tags to them, is what a social media aggregator tool can do. It helps you to tag the products to the posts and create easy checkout links. This shoppable post can then be embedded on the website to enhance the productivity of the website.
5. Email Marketing
Create attractive email campaigns with personalized social media feeds using social media aggregators. It will help you create brand awareness, increase click-through rates, and sales.

Why Are Social Media Aggregators Useful?

1. Boost customer engagement with the brand
Having an active social media presence is a must for brands these days, but it is hard to showcase all of your social content to all the targeted audiences at one time. Therefore, social media aggregators are important for brands. With this, you can display all the relevant content from diverse social platforms in one single place and that too in real-time. It boosts the engagement of the customers towards the brand and in the event where the social wall is displayed.
2. Increases website vibrancy
Social media content is full of colors, and engagement especially the visual content. This visual content gives the website an attractive and beautiful look and thus increases the vibrancy of the website. This attracts more customers towards the brand and influences them to invest in the brand.
3. Powerful content moderation
One of the most amazing features of social media aggregators is content moderation. Using this moderation panel, brands can display only the content they want to display and can filter out all the unnecessary and irrelevant content about their brand on social media. With this, brands can maintain their dignified image in the market and can display their reliability and authenticity.
4. Increases dwell time
As the customers get more attracted to the visual content and engage better with this content, they tend to spend more time on the website. With the integration of Social media on the website, customers can explore the social side of the brand without even leaving the website and can connect with the social audience of the brand.
5. Accelerates conversion rates and sales
Social media content, be it on a website, at events, at venues, or for selling at eCommerce, the major benefit it offers is magnified conversion rates and sales. With aggregator tools, brands can integrate attractive and incredible social media content in various places which encourages the audiences and customers to engage and interact with the brand. This thus provokes them to influence their emotions connected with the brand and boost engagement and sales to a great level.


To stay ahead of the trends at all times, social media aggregators help you connect with the pulse of whatever is going in your niche. This helps you ensure your dignified image in the marketing system and build better engagement with your customers like never before.
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