The Top Parental App for Families in 2021
Tuesday, 01 June 2021

In the developing world of today, everybody including kids wants their smartphones for one or the other reason but unfortunately, if your children are using this device for a long time and he or she forgets their responsibility while they are on screen then the parents need to keep an eye on their child. If we talk about the past days, people used to hire caretakers for their children but now as the trend has changed the children has become technology infected, And to the parents.

The parents are even now shifting towards the wondershare FamiSafe parental control app to limit everything of their child and even location of them by tracking their real-time location. Once the parents have all the knowledge about the location of their child, they are no more worried about it than thereafter.

It is a parental control Android and windows (Windows parental controls)10 Android parental control app that helps the parents in maintaining the location of their child.

Features of FamiSafe parental control app

You can easily secure the safety of your child when you are not with them by using the FamiSafe parental control app.
This app helps the parents in tracking the live location of their child. When your small kids are notorious and often tell their parents while going to school or park with friends then this app is the best suited and it requires and provides exact knowledge of the real-time location of the child to parents.
• The information provided would be a hundred percent accurate and this app is reliable because it tells the exact location of your child or spouse.
• Protection of kids against risks of the world. The risks of the world include kidnappers and the people who are surrounding them when their parents are not with them and teach them wrong lessons. Best parental control apps do not allow kidnappers to kidnap the kids of rich parents for the ransom money but the child cannot uphold this critical situation show the parents are supposed to have a tracking system defined in the device of your child.
• Setting up Geo fences are the virtual boundaries by the parents is an also useful feature provided by windows parental controls so that the parents may limit the places that are to be visited by their child in the whole day. And if the child does so then the parents would be notified instantly and they may take any strict action against it by calling more texting their child.
• The battery percentage is even shown to the parents about the Device of their child. Now the parents Can easily tell their child to charge their device and keep the battery percentage to a level that is good if they are their device is misplaced anywhere.
• Location history services provided by the application is the best feature because it provides the total detail of the day and lets the parents know about the places visited by their child the whole day and for how much time.

Steps to install FamiSafe parental control app

The one major step to install the application on your device by downloading it from the Amazon store Google Play store. The iOS user may install it by using the Apple store.
After the installation has been done the app will require permission as a parent or children. You can now set up call the information asked by the application such as the name and age of your child. The other details can also be filled in just a few minutes and make the app settings to be invisible in just a few minutes. This setting will help the parents in not letting their child know about what they have done to their device and even not getting their child bothered about any of the things around.

Cost of wondershare FamiSafe parental control app

However, the app provides the features of using the app for a free 3-day trial for the new users so that they can enjoy getting facilitated with the features of the application for free for once. They can use all the features in the free trial and then choose a subscription plan out of the 3 plans offered by the application. The monthly plan costs about $9.99 per month where the quarterly plan costs about $6.66 per month and the most off audible subscription plan cost about $4.99 per month these are the prices of monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription plans respectively.

Wrapping up

This is a subscription-based app that helps the parent in limiting the places visited were their child and keeping in touch with them all day long. This application consumes less space on the device of your kids and also works in the invisible mode. Parents can get all the knowledge of their child by using this application and can make their child safe.
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