Utilising HR Software During Covid-19
Thursday, 23 July 2020

 It’s no secret that businesses are struggling at the moment, this could be financially, logistically or simply that colleagues are having a hard time coping with the current situation of the pandemic. 

 Procuring the right tools to help team members during Covid-19 is essential. Not only can it help management and HR, but ease pressure off staff and in turn, generate higher quality work and result in happier clients. HR software is proving a vital commodity during these times and tailored packages by Cezanne HR means businesses only pay for elements that will benefit them.

This article provides information as to how HR systems can improve business management during these unusual times and keep track of goings-on, even with staff spread across the country and working remotely. The role of HR is changing and it looks like it could continue to do so post Covid-19. 

Heighten Security 

HR systems use cloud-based platforms. The cloud means everything is securely protected with passwords. Staffs’ home computers and broadband connections may not have the high-security office building posses and it is, therefore, important to prevent sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

Not only is data protected from potential hackers, but also any other disasters such as fires, thefts of computer malfunction. As this data is stored on external servers, no matter what happens to hardware, this information is still accessible and can not be lost.


As restrictions are slowly being lifted and normality begins to creep back in, it can be easy for staff to lose track of what they need.

Many are slowly being reintroduced back into the office on a part-time basis and this could lead to essential documentation being left at home as they are having to get used to returning to this routine.

Staff, managers and HR teams can make sure they always have access to everything they need with HR software as access is available from any computer.

Ensuring you choose a supplier that has a mobile-friendly portal or app means that staff can also access this during commutes to and from the office or on their way to client meetings, meaning messages are not missed and everyone is constantly kept in the loop.

Tracking Absence 

Absences from working days have been increasing, this could be due to some falling ill from the virus, having to care for children or vulnerable loved ones, bereavement leave or simply taking annual leave to get some much-needed rest and maintain self-care.

Keeping track of absences can be tricky at the best of times, let alone when staff are not physically present in the office.

HR software is a platform in which all of these can be entered, allowing payroll to adjust any payments accordingly from easy-to-read reports.

Staff can also request holiday via this platform and managers can easily see if this will clash with any other approved or requested dates within the team. Ensuring no team will be left understaffed.

There are occasions where understaffing can not be avoided, especially with sick bereavement leave. Without a visual representation of empty desks, managers may not realise this and teams could be struggling.

An HR system will flag this at a glance, ensuring that the correct support can be provided to these departments to ensure staff are not burdened with impossible workloads and targets are still met.

Looking After Mental Health 

Mental health has taken a downturn for many during lockdown and it's critical to look after staff wellbeing during this time.

However, it can be hard to gauge how colleagues are coping when we are not in a face-to-face environment. Video calling can aid with this but many are still reluctant to reveal their true feelings this way.

By generating questionnaires over HR platforms and sending them out within the workforce, not only can HR measure how an individual is feeling but can track any patterns across teams.

This can then be brought to the attention of management who can provide the necessary support where needed and make any changes that can reduce negative mental health within departments.

If staff are still averse to revealing any mental anguish, links, infographics, videos and any other resource can be uploaded onto these platforms for them to access anonymously.

Improve Communication

The backbone of any successful company is exceptional communication. This is between all departments and management, along with support staff.

While there are many platforms out there to do so, they are not always conducive. Emails can easily be missed, video calling can become messy with large numbers and conference calls can lead to lost information when large amounts of data are trying to be relayed.

HR systems allow messages to be sent out instantly, with attachments if needed. The sender can then track those who have and have not opened these messages, meaning time is not wasted chasing those who have already done so.

Recipients can be grouped into teams or any other relevant group, meaning each recipient only receives applicable messages. This platform can then be used as a means for discussions and questions.

These are just a few examples of the tools that can be used to aid remote working and helping HR and management during Covid-19. HR systems can also aid with onboarding, training and storing sensitive data.

Packages vary depending on needs, but HR systems are incredibly versatile and can cater for almost every requirement that any sector could demand.
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