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What Do You Understand by DevSecOps and Best Practices to Follow It
Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Apps are a big part of the digital world. Many companies develop apps and keep releasing updates to make their apps user-friendly and more intuitive. While customers and users are the main blocks of this industry, what they don't see is the work behind it.

Different departments with experts and specialists improve each action so that the app can offer optimum performance. While this distribution and decentralization of workload between various departments are good and effective, it may also cause some significant loopholes and leave blank areas.

Miscommunication between these departments may lead to serious degradation in quality. DevSecOps is the solution here. You may think, ‘what is DevSecOps?’ Using this, a company can increase its ability to deliver applications. This is an upgraded form of DevOps.

DevOps is a term used when both development and operational teams merge to present and launch an improved and evolved product. These practices enable companies to deliver quickly and keep them one step ahead of their competitors.
DevSecOps is DevOps with an additional level of security. Its purpose is to bridge the gap between traditional IT and the new pipeline used to deliver the product. Monitoring, analysis, and investigating are the main motives here so that errors can be detected beforehand. This makes the work effective, efficient, and economical.
To ensure a successful DevSecOps implementation, you can follow some of the following practices.

Trained Employees

One of the main challenges that you might face is the amalgamation of three different departments. Merging development, security, and operations will not be easy. People working in these departments have different objectives and goals to achieve. There might be clashes which can lead to hindrance in decision making further leading to delay in delivery.
The most feasible way to avoid this issue is by training your employees to work together. Specialists from each department will need to communicate and be heard by others. For this to happen, they will need proper training and have to invest time. Breaking down the barriers between teams at the initial stages and then giving them the time to adjust will prove beneficial.

Tests Automation

Getting the work done as quickly as possible and presenting it in the market are the main objectives of DevSecOps. While you may agree that speed is of utmost importance here, delivering software with optimum working experience is also vital. And that can be done only if there is no place for errors.
For that, you will need to run automatic security tests regularly. These tests ensure the thorough analysis of the code and detection of any issues. Errors found in the building stage are easier to treat.


Continued monitoring of the well-established system is necessary. If you just make a system and let it run by itself, problems will emerge and affect the pipeline. This will create hindrance in work. To ensure that your model of theory matches the model you established practically, you must implement timely and effective monitoring and tracking of the real-time progress.

Pick the Right Tools

DevSecOps is not all about practices and changes in the working environment. It involves the usage of certain tools to initiate the work and keep it going. Although it is good to use the latest tools and techniques, it is never a compulsion.
It would help if you first researched what works best for your industry and according to your requirements. What your competitors in the market are using, and what things you need different from them? By getting the answers to these questions, you may make a wise decision within your budget bounds.

Response to Security Incidents

Applying DevSecOps practices can be a good start but not enough. Now that there is a team handling security, they should be ready for any threat. Responding on the spot after the detection can be time taking and cause a sense of panic.
It is better to prepare in advance for any incidents or mishaps in the near future. Performing regular check-ups will ensure that none of the errors is left behind. These days many external security systems are available for the cloud. You can choose the one you trust.

To Conclude

Now that you have learned ‘what is DevSecOps’, it is time for you to start using the practices and get ahead of the competition in your industry. This is about profits and using the resources in a way that you can achieve more from less. However, you need an excellent automation platform to ensure precision in the process and make everyone accountable in their respective departments.
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