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Mac vs. PC: The Gamer's Argument on Which is Best for the Job

 The Mac and PC- there has always been an argument to which is better. What about when it comes to gaming? Here are some crucial facts to help you decide.

How to Edit a Screenshot on Mac: A Step-By-Step Guide

 Screenshots are a practical and easy way to convert almost anything into an image, but how to edit screenshots on Mac? Read on to find out here.

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You'll Definitely Want to Know

 Learn some Mac keyboard shortcuts every user should know. They'll help you be more efficient (and just experience less headache) as you go about your business!

App Guide: How to Download Music From Soundcloud

People use SoundCloud to stream audio and music online. It allows people to share, listen, and even download the tracks that they want whenever they need to. This music platform can offer you thousands of different audio, music, and sounds from many genres that you can enjoy playing. People can also download the SoundCloud App on every iOS and Android device to play their favorite tracks, anywhere they are.

A Guide to Running Apple Diagnostic on Any Mac

 Mac doesn't play sounds through internal and/or external speakers, how to fix? Here is a guide to run diagnostics on mac.

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