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5 Tips for Getting Started with E-commerce

 Entrepreneurs that are looking to start an online business often consider e-commerce as a viable option. Selling e-commerce involves using an online platform or website to sell physical or digital products. 

5 Computer Tips and Tricks Every Non-Tech Person Should Know

Are you the kind of person who can’t do much on a computer besides firing it up? These computer tips and tricks are for you.

Mobile Scheduling Apps: the Newest Tech to Help Manage Employees

There’s a flood of new technology hitting the market all the time, and not all of it is essential. Sometimes it’s flashy, but not very functional. Though sometimes there’s an app that truly does play a crucial role for people, often because it makes life easier. For people in the restaurant industry, this means mobile scheduling apps. Read on to see how managers and all restaurant staff benefit from restaurant scheduling software.

Invest Now: Top 3 Tech Stocks to Buy in 2019

Make the big bucks by staying on top of the stock market. Click here to learn the top tech stocks to buy right now.

Telemedicine: all you should know about this new & exciting technology

The term telemedicine is derived from the combination of a Greek word 'Tele," meaning "distance" and a latin word "mederi" meaning "to heal.

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