How You Can DIY Your Phone to Make It Your Own

 Your phone case is a major part of your daily wardrobe. These small mobile devices are taken everywhere and with you at all times. So, why shouldn’t you have a different case to match every outfit or occasion? If you’re someone who loves to accessorize and make sure that every outfit you wear is on point, you need to have a number of different case options available to you. 

 You can find simple opaque colored cases and even some stylish self-charging ones to decorate fromthe Casely phone case shop. Here are some other waysthat you can create your own unique phone case completely on your own. 

Utilize Nail Polish

If you want to add unique features tothe design of your case but don’t happen to have paint lying around, your nail polish can do the trick. It can add a bit of vibrant color to the look of your mobile device. 

The best way to start this project is by purchasing a clear case. After that, choose your color palette and create whatever cool design you would like.

Add features like: 

  • Stripes
  • Polka dots
  • Swathes of solid colors
  • A chevron pattern

Make sure you add a top coat of clear polish to ensure that it lasts longer. 

Add Some Studs

Studsadd an interesting look that complementsyour clothing as well as a cool texture. You can easily achieve the look for your mobile case. All you need is some studs and some glue,both of which can be found at your local craft store. Purchase either hot glue or super glue and lay your studs in whatever pattern you like.  

Apply Some Pearls

Gemstones and other pieces of old jewelry also make nice and trendy accents to your case. They are applied with the same technique as studs. 

While you can find studs cheaply at a craft store, finding pearls can be a bit more difficult. You can repurpose your old bracelets and necklaces. Break them apart and put them into a pattern you likea heart or stars. Try covering the whole thing case!

Use Lace

If you want something frilly and elegant, dollies and other forms of lace can make beautiful covers for phone cases. You can apply your lace with Mod Podge or glue pretty easily. Scraps of lace will take a lot of time to dry. However, you can go the dollies route as they dry much more quickly. 

Put in Photos

What better way to reflect on memories and express yourself than to display your photos on your case? Print your favorite Instagram pictures on thick paper and paste them onto a clear case. 

You can display one of your favorite photos or collect many and arrange them into a collage. Alternatively, you can buy a case that allows you to insert photos easily into it.  

Paste-On Pressed Flowers

If you’re a fan of the outdoors, then incorporate nature into your outfits and accessories by decorating your mobile device with flowers. You can easily decorate your case this way by pressing your favorite flowers, gluing any combination onto your case, and sealing them to the plastic with ICE resin or clear nail polish. 

This DIY case is a process that’s a little more involved but, if you get the execution right, you can get beautiful results. 

Try Until You Get It Right

Your phone case is a great way to express yourself, and these DIY tricks are meant to bring out your personality. You might not get your case to look right the first time – simply try again!

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