Why 2020 will be a great year for tech and entertainment

With new innovations changing the way we consume content and increasing the amount of it available, 2019 was another great year for tech and entertainment. And 2020 looks set to pick up where this year left off.

As recently as the last month, we’ve seen the launch of Disney+, the new streaming service set to rival Netflix and Amazon Prime with its huge library of classic movies and shows, alongside hours of original content.

But perhaps the most notorious event in recent weeks was the launch of Tesla’s Cybertruck, which utilizes incredible technology and engineering, but which also left a global audience cringing when an experiment to test the strength of the vehicle’s windows backfired.

2019 also saw the wider roll-out of the 5G cellular network, which will ultimately make accessing media content on the go faster and easier to access than ever, while the launches of Apple’s flagship iPhone 11 and Samsung’s Galaxy S10 helped take handheld tech to yet another level.

In gaming, Google properly entered the gaming market with the launch of Stadia, their cloud-driven service which does not require a physical console, and instead works by processing games remotely and casting them to the player’s own display, whether that be mobile, tablet or TV.
Elsewhere, new technology like augmented and virtual reality offered new possibilities to a range of industries, including the world of online gambling, where many brands have experimented with the technology to offer more immersive experiences to players. While many enjoy nothing more than taking advantage of the casino promotions at MagicalVegas.com and enjoying a quiet night in with friends, their gaming experience could soon be transformed forever.
But what else does the future hold? Well, one thing for certain is that progress isn’t going to slow down. Across gaming, streaming and mobile technology, competition among the major players is as fierce as ever, while new brands from emerging markets like China and India are threatening to topple the status quo.

In gaming, Microsoft and Sony are both expected to announce new consoles in 2020, with supposed concept images of the new PlayStation 5 leaking online earlier this year. The PS4 has comfortably outsold Xbox One over the two consoles’ lifecycle, though Microsoft show no signs of withdrawing from the gaming market, which in the US alone is forecast to be worth $230 billion by 2022.

And gaming is one of the many industries set to benefit from the continuing development of paper-thin OLED display surfaces, featuring touchscreen technology. The tech could be used in a range of ways, like transforming household items like walls, mirrors and windows into interactive surfaces, capable of displaying data and content at a tap.

To this point dominated by brands like Netflix and Amazon Prime, the streaming industry is also set for big changes. Disney+’s global roll-out during the first half of next year should challenge the establishment, while Apple’s recently-launched TV offering is expected to make a big impression in 2020.

When Apple turned its attention to phones it changed the industry, so it will be interesting to see the sort of impact it has on streaming, and wider tech, especially if Apple TV+ remains exclusive to the company’s hardware.

Wherever media you consume and however you get it, 2020 could change entertainment and tech forever.
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