9 Must-Have Supplies for College and Career Preparation Students Need to Be Successful
Saturday, 06 June 2020

 Are you trying to figure out what you need to be successful in college? Read this article to learn about career preparation and supplies you need.


 About 20 million students are enrolled in American colleges across the country. Many of those students will go on to enjoy fulfilling careers. Others won't get past their first semester.

Yes, college asks a lot of students which in some cases can prove to be too much. By preparing for your college tenure and seeing its hardships as valuable career preparation, you can navigate higher learning pitfalls and come out on top.

In this post, our team shares 9 things we feel every college student that's set on success should arm themselves with to achieve the best possible results.

1. A Reliable Computer

One of the first things most college students rush out to buy is a new computer. That's a great call because, in college, you'll be doing a tremendous amount of online assignments, processing hundreds of text documents, and responding to emails constantly.

If you're not sure which computer to buy before your foray into higher learning, purchasing one of today's best Macbook for students picks will almost certainly suffice. There are several incredible PCs available on the market as well.

2. A Simple Backpack

Don't get too caught up when buying a backpack for college. This isn't high school, very few people will know you, and making a fashion statement should be far down on your priority list.

Any plain, JanSport-esque backpack that will hold up over four years should be more than enough to get you through school.

3. Lots of Notebooks

You're going to be taking a lot of classes in college in pursuit of adequate career preparation. Each of those classes is going to ask you to take tons of notes.

To stay organized, invest in ample spiral-bound notebooks so you always have a fresh place to write. If you're not a pen and paper sort of person, downloading applications like Evernote is a great way to keep your notes organized digitally.

4. Schedule Management Applications

Staying on top of all of the homework you'll have across your classes can be difficult. Schedule/time management applications can make things easier.

The simplest application you can use to keep your scholastics in check is your phone's calendar app. Some apps are built specifically for organizing school assignments which may work even better.

Browse what's available in the app store during your academic year and try a few options to see what jives best with your needs.

5. A Flash Drive

During those special times when you can't plug your laptop into your class' projector during a presentation, a flash drive will be a lifesaver. You don't need to buy a drive with an epic amount of memory to be successful. We recommend between 4gb and 8gb which should more than cover your needs.

6. A Library Card

Whether you need to check out a book or print something, having a library card handy is a lifesaver as you're undergoing career preparation in college.

Most schools will allow you to access their libraries as part of your tuition. If you don't live close to your school, you may want to also pick up a card at your local city library so you always have access to the resources you need.

As a college student, you'll learn that libraries also make for a fantastic place to sleep during long breaks between classes.

7. Access to Funding

It's going to be hard to make it through school without access to funding. After all, college and all its associated expenses can be steep.

Funding for many college students comes in the way of public and private loans one can get hooked up with through their school's financial aid office.

Scholarships are also usually available so ask your advisor what you might qualify for so you can comfortably afford your tuition, food, and other essentials.

8. Class Syllabi

The single most important document that you'll get from each of your college classes is its syllabus. Why? Because it spells out all of the expectations your instructor has of you.

Not sure what your class's absence policy is? Consult your syllabus. Not sure when assignments are due throughout the year? Chances are, your syllabus has major assignments, due dates, and point totals spelled out.

9. Serious Drive

All of the physical stuff that you can pick up to support your career preparation is meaningless if you aren't armed with serious drive.

College can be extremely difficult. It will ask that you spend money to be majorly inconvenienced over 4+ years. In order to cope with that, you'll need nerves of steel and a willingness to understand the virtues of investing yourself in something.

If you lack that discipline, we suggest that you find it before paying your first semester's tuition as you'll have a lot of trouble staying in school without the right mindset.

College and the Career Preparation It Facilitates Are Life-Changing

It's no secret that by undergoing career preparation in college, you can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars more throughout your lifetime. All of that to say that the struggles you face in school will almost certainly pay off as you navigate your career.

And if you're finding that you're struggling to use your degree to get on an exciting career path, there's always the option of loan forgiveness programs or seeking another degree in a more lucrative field.

Whatever you choose to do, our team wishes you the best and looks forward to your success. For additional advice on career preparation, higher learning, and more, read the newest content on our blog!
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