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HBO max Vs Netflix: Which one is best?
Friday, 19 June 2020

With online streaming services taking their toll, viewers are left with a wide choice range and various streaming platforms to choose from. This has given a great opportunity to the people to get rid of cable. Every year a new streaming service or application hits the global market and competes with the pre-existing and established streaming services. There is a very large library of shows and movies to watch from with different shows streaming on different OTT platforms.

With the global networking full of streaming services and the increasing crowd on these platforms, viewers are in a dilemma to choose from. They may like one thing in a streaming service platform while hating some other thing on the same platform. They are in a fix to choose the right one for them.

Making the right choice.

It may sound easy to say that watch all the streaming services simultaneously, but it is difficult in practice unless you have a lot of free time and a lot of money to spend on packages. Yes, almost all the streaming services are paid, you don’t get a good thing for free for a long time. Every streaming service has its subscription plan to subscribe from.

The subscription plans of various streaming services largely matter in terms of price, content, and features. So it is very important to choose the right plan for you and an ideal streaming service satisfying your entertainment needs and your pocket.

Some of the best streaming service providers are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+. HBO Now and HBO Go. HBO is a big name in the entertainment industry and is known for its quality content. Along with Netflix topping the streaming charts, HBO has started taking a lead on the former streaming service through its new upgradation in streaming markets known as HBO max.

A tough competition can be seen in the markets since HBO max is gaining wide popularity among the masses. Now, we need to know which is the best one out of the two. You can also visit for more information about these platforms and a proper comparison of them.

We have brought you the details, features, and comparisons between Netflix and HBO. You can decide the best one for you easily.

1. Subscription Plans and costs: Whenever you opt for a streaming service, firstly you need to choose a subscription plan and pay for it. Talking about Netflix and HBO max price ranges there is a wide difference between the two. Netflix offers three subscription plans at different monthly prices of $8.99, $12.99, and $15.99 whereas HBO offers only one price that is $14.99.
Thus, Netflix surely gives us a wide choice in choosing a subscription plan at various price ranges, whereas HBO max gives no such choice. Although the premium plan of Netflix is costlier than HBO max, subscribing to lower plans of Netflix is cheaper than the single plan provided by HBO max.

2. Video Quality Streaming: The drawback of HBO is that it does not provide 4K content to its viewers, let's hope the updates help us access this feature. Netflix has been providing Videos in 4K content, HDR, Ultra HD qualities in its premium package.
3. Content: HBO max and Netflix both have big libraries of the tv shows and popular movies. HBO max streams the licensed TV shows, Warner Bros production, DC, and some other famous channels and production along with all the shows from HBO itself. It garners a massive following owing to some of the world-class series premiering on HBO which became popular globally and set world records of mass following. Some of the best and top-notch shows gracing this platform are Game of Thrones, Friends, The Big Bang theory, etc.
Even Netflix is known for its popular original content like The stranger things, The umbrella academy, Black mirror, etc. Some of its movies and series have made it to the Academy Award.
4. Simultaneous Screens and Profiles: Netflix and HBO both provide a feature of simultaneous streaming where viewers can share their id’s and watch shows simultaneously on different screens at the same time. HBO max can be streamed at three screens at the same time, whereas Netflix the streaming screens vary with different plans chosen.
The basic plan allows only one screen at a time with increasing to 2 and 4 screens in the subsequent packages. Here we can say HBO max has a fair advantage over Netflix in case of simultaneous streaming.
5. Free Trial: Both the streaming services offer a period of free trial to its viewers which changes from 1 week in case of HBO max to a 1-month free trial provided by Netflix.

Netflix and HBO max both have their quality content and different advantages over each other. If you have already been a user of Netflix it’s time for a change and opts for HBO max. You should choose Netflix if you love to watch high video quality (4K, HDR).

On the other hand, HBO max is the best choice for you if you are an ardent follower of HBO and Warner Bros shows and productions. Both the streaming services have their benefits and drawbacks. You may choose what’s best for you.
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