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How to Be Successful in Social Media Marketing
Thursday, 26 November 2020

 Whether you are starting up or looking to expand your business, social media marketing is what you need. Social media is a dynamic powerhouse that solidifies branding, drive sales, and creates quality leads. The critical factor here is to develop and carry out a well thought out plan strategically. 


 Businesses or companies trying to achieve success on social media must overcome specific challenges. Here are laid out step-by-step marketing strategies that will take your company to a whole new level. 

Identify Your Goals

Just like when you are starting your business, moving into social media requires you to have goals. When setting up your dreams, here are essential factors to consider;
Be specific – Nail down precisely what you want and the initiative you expect to use. Avoid vague strategies like 'get more businesses.

Set measurable goals – Ensure that you set realistic goals. You should have a definite yes or no answer at the end. Out of reach goals can be demoralizing and frustrating. 

Relevance – Set social media goals tied to the overall marketing or purposes related to your business's bigger picture. 

Timely – One of the things that will keep you accountable to your goals is dates and timelines. Ensure that you stay on track by creating mini-goals. 

Identify the Target Audience

The best way to make your message effective is by explicitly designing it for your target audience. First, develop a buyer's persona, and three critical information you have to put into context is;

Review happy clients – The starting point when looking for those clients that have been pleased with your products or services. Study their demographics and goals to understand who you should be targeting. 

Nail down pain points – What problems does your service or product answer? What is the difference between what already exists in the market from what you have? Once you have a clear understanding of these two factors, will you correctly identify your target audience? 

Survey customer support – Take your time and talk to the people on the desk. What are some of the questions or complaints they get? From there, you will know what to do to improve your products or services. 

Identify the Best Platforms 

It is usually a mistake to generalize followers on all social media platforms. Your company's social media manager will quickly get overwhelmed, and the results end up getting punny results. 

While Facebook and LinkedIn are great for business presentations, they will not necessarily fit your company. When choosing the most suitable social media platform d=for your business, here are some of the essential factors to consider;

The recipient of your product or service – if you are looking to sell your products or service directly to your customers, Facebook is the most suitable platform for you. When you are targeting a younger audience, Instagram and Snapchat are the most suitable platforms for you. LinkedIn is a good platform if you are marketing your products to other companies. 

Where are your competitors based? Take your time and investigate to know which platforms your competitors are using. Study how their online presence and that of their followers. While it is not a must that you be on the channel they are in, if they have tons of engaging followers on a particular social media channel, there is where you should also be. 

Employ A Qualified Social Media Manager

Companies' biggest mistakes are employing a social media manager with the cheapest rates without raising qualifications or experience. An excellent social media manager should be;

Strategic – They should be able to articulate both short-term and long-term goals. Additionally, they should know when to put out a post, engage followers, and what content to put out there. 

Organized - Social media marketing is a highly competitive field which buy real Instagram views.

 Therefore, you need a person who handles their time and controls their calendars well. Otherwise, they will quickly get overwhelmed. 

Branding expertise – While social media managers might not necessarily face your company, they are the companies' voice. Social media managers must have a vast understanding of the company's brand. 

Deliver Constantly 

An excellent social media strategy is one that is natured continuously. Throwing up a series of blogs and pictures is not enough to build your presence on social media. When sharing anything on social media, keep your buyer in mind.

 Avoid posting business-related all the time; that will turn your audience off. Open your ears to what your competitors want. Through that, you will get a feeling of what your target audience wants. 


For any social media marketing to be successful, companies must increase engagements with followers. Additionally, make use of influencers to increase your social media reach. These are people who have already made their name, and their recommendation means a lot. 
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