How to Edit a Screenshot on Mac: A Step-By-Step Guide
Friday, 29 May 2020

 Screenshots are a practical and easy way to convert almost anything into an image, but how to edit screenshots on Mac? Read on to find out here.

 You recently replaced your old Windows laptop and replaced it with a new MacBook. Though you are still familiarizing yourself with the different commands and shortcuts, you already know some of the simple ones like taking a screenshot.

Simple as it may seem, a screenshot does many wonders. You take screenshots of important items for your reports. These can be tables, graphs, and charts. 

You add screenshots of visuals to trim down your emails. Moreover, you use them to relay instructions. They are also helpful for accountability purposes.

But do you know how to edit screenshots on Mac? Continue reading below for a step-by-step guide for editing a screenshot on Mac.

How to Edit Screenshots on Mac Via Online Screen Reader

You might already know how to take a screenshot on Mac computers. But you shouldn’t stop there. You also need to learn how to edit screenshots on Mac in case the need arises.

The first method you need to learn is taking a screenshot using the Online Screen Reader. This is a software that lets you edit your screenshots with ease. But before you can edit any screenshot, you need to take the latter using the Online Screen Reader.

Download and open the software on your MacBook or Mac desktop. Capture a screenshot by pressing and holding down the left button of your mouse. Place the cursor on the area that you want to take a screenshot of.

Using your mouse, draw around the area you wish to capture and release the button thereafter. After generating the screenshot, you can edit it through the Online Screen Reader.

Here, you can underline texts or insert arrows. You can also add different shapes or frames. You can even tweak the colors of the image. 

Take note that those options are only basic. If you want to take your editing to a more complex level, you need to save the image first on your Mac. 

After saving the screenshot, you can now optimize the view of the image. You will then have the ability to add other images, apply brush strokes, and resize it after. Additionally, you can hit the “T” icon to annotate the screenshot.

Using Keynote

Another way of editing your screenshots on your Mac computer is through Keynote. This is a software application used mainly for presentations. If you don’t have it yet, download it first from the App Store. 

After taking or saving a screenshot, right-click on the image file. From the options, select “Open With” then pick “Keynote” from the list of apps. 

Alternatively, you can go to “Other” and use the Finder to locate your Keynote tool. Once you access Keynote, you can tweak and alter your screenshots.

You can do cool stuff like adding reflections and shadows. And if you don’t like the image’s background, you have the ability to remove the latter.

Using the Movavi Screen Recorder

Aside from the Keynote, there are other editing software that you can use on your Mac to edit screenshots. There is also the Movavi Screen Recorder, which you can download for free. 

After installing Movavi on your Mac, open the program and capture a screenshot that you want. You can do this by hitting the “Screenshot” button on the sidebar. After capturing a screenshot, you can immediately edit it.

Using the Movavi Screen Reader, you can also do all sorts of cool alterations. You can draw on the image using lines and arrows. You can also use highlighters if you want to emphasize something in your report. 

You can also add different colors to the image. Additionally, you can place the image inside a frame and apply your annotations.

After completing your edits, hit “Save screenshot” on the screen to save the edited image on your Mac. Take note that the Movavi Screen Recorder will save your screenshots in PNG format.

Furthermore, you can copy the image without saving it on your Mac. Simply click “Copy to clipboard.” Thereafter, you can paste the screenshot to your email, document, or even your Facebook messenger window.

Alternatively, you can share your edited screenshots online by hitting the “Share” button. 

Editing Using Other Snipping Apps

Apart from Movavi and Keynote, there are other notable apps that can help you edit your screenshots. If you are working in a corporate setting, try the Snagit screen capture software. 

This app is famous not only for its impressive features but also for its aesthetic interface. It allows you to capture screenshots and edit them after in many unique ways. Some of its editing tools include blurs, arrows, and callouts. 

You can also insert videos and create animated GIFs. As for its user interface, it features a small control panel that you can access from the top of your screen. From there, you can change the settings, capture screenshots, and customize hotkeys, among others.

If you want something that is light and simple, you can try out Lightshot. This editing software lets you add colors and shapes to your screenshots. It also allows you to incorporate text. 

Another interesting feature of Lightshot is it helps you search for similar images on Google. This is helpful in case you want to capture the best image possible.

Changing Formats

Sometimes, editing screenshots is not enough. Situations may require you to change the default PNG format into another one. To pull this off, you need to override the settings.

Open your Mac’s Terminal and type the following: “defaults write type jpg”. Thereafter, hit “Enter” to save the command. This command lets you change your screenshots’ format from PNG to JPG.

In case you need to convert the image to PDF, key in “defaults write type pdf”. To transform them to TIFF files, use “defaults write type tiff”.

Increase Your Mac Knowledge

Learning how to edit screenshots on Mac helps you become more creative when using your screen captures. Knowing how to crop a screenshot on Mac and enhancing it at different levels will help you produce more creative outputs.
But why stop at editing screenshots? Discover more about your Mac computer by checking our other blog posts. 


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