How to Get a Job in Automation?
Monday, 13 July 2020

We often hear this question and get amused with different answers given by different people. Everyone has their mindset regarding automation. Yes, we agree that everyone is likely to meet on some path of the progression and walk together at the later stage, but the start is what matters. Let us first understand what automation is and what all things we do as an automation test engineer.

Who is an Automation test engineer?

He is none other than a developer who works on the designing, programming, simulation, and testing of the new or existing software. Whenever we start developing any software, we do have some expected output already set for us. As an automation test engineer, a person always checks whether the desired results are met or not.

Testing is majorly divided into two types.

1) Manual testing
2) Automation testing

Testing every module of the software one by one manually to see whether the expected results are met, is something that we do in Manual testing. Yes, of course, it is tiring and often time-consuming while doing tests manually. But, Manual testing does have its advantages.

On the flip side, you have to input some data, and the program automatically gives you the results. It is what the case is with Automation testing. Yes, we do have to build an application using various technologies, but it becomes quite simple at the later stage. We are relaxed, and we have to see whether the results are meeting our expectations.

Before we talk about how to get a job in Automation testing, and one of the Automation testing courses that can help you get a job, we first need to understand the roles and responsibilities of an Automation test engineer. It will help us to get stabilized about the journey we are planning to move on.

Key roles and responsibilities of an Automation test engineer

As said and also read, here are some of the roles and responsibilities that you might have to accept as an Automation test engineer in software development.

1) You must know how to identify and select the required test cases of any software.
2) You must be able to strategize Automation testing.
3) Be capable enough to apply your creative mind to get the best design meeting the requirement and giving a good user experience.
4) You must be able to create an Automation test plan and get timely approvals.
5) Configuring the test environment to set up the whole testing.
6) Automating the design of the framework.
7) You already have a structure ready for the Automation testing. You must be able to implement it as per the arrangement.
8) Creating, enhancing, debugging, and running the designed test cases.
9) Collaborating with the team to get the defects solved.
10) Managing the changes and running regression tests whenever necessary.
11) Since you are technically sound, you must find a better solution for the problems that are faced while achieving expected results.
12) You must be smart enough to handle the errors.
13) Interact with the clients to understand the issues they are facing to get the expected results. As well as connecting with the team to make sure that the quality is never compromised.

All these responsibilities make sure that the outcome is fantastic, and the client’s requirements are fetched. Remember, there is no software product being developed without a test engineer working on it. Yes, we agree that testing varies from company to company, but testing plays a significant role in any software development company.

You have an exact idea of your responsibilities as an Automation test engineer; we are about to talk regarding the Automation testing courses currently offered by various online/offline training institutes. We have generalized what you must check in the course curriculum before selecting any institute for the course.

An Automation test engineering course usually advances your career and helps you to develop skills like,

- You receive a right approach for any software or a system
- You get a good understanding of the development lifecycle of the software
- You develop excellent analytical skills
- You can make the right decisions
- Your precision will be at the top
- You will be able to pay attention to the minute details of the software
- You can work on your own whenever required
- You can quickly merge with the team as and when required
- The software industry might show you some black days in your career with extreme pressure. You will be well qualified to handle the load.
- You might always be on your toes to meet the deadlines given by the client.
- You will get skills demanded in the industry like GIT, Selenium, Jenkins, and JMeter.
- You might be able to use your technical knowledge to build a quality software product.

You can easily see that the Automation testing courses are building up your technical skills, but it gives you practical, functional skills. The functional abilities are equivalently as important as technical skills. We might see everything getting automated as we progress in the future of software development.

It is a false belief that there is no need for an Automation test engineer since everything is automated. It is common sense that software can never go live without being tested. It needs proper testing before we pass it on to our target audience. A software without trial in the hands of the target audience will be a blunder on its own.

Being an Automation test engineer, you must always think about five steps,

- The requirement of the client
- The design of the software
- The implementation of the software
- The testing of the software
- How can you maintain the quality of the software?

All the Automation testing courses will some way be teaching you to get used to with these five steps. It will make sure that your knowledge is par excellence for the current software industry.
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