Mac vs. PC: The Gamer's Argument on Which is Best for the Job

 The Mac and PC- there has always been an argument to which is better. What about when it comes to gaming? Here are some crucial facts to help you decide.

 Did you know that around 43% of American adults play video games every day?

If you’re also gaming, you know how painstaking it is to maintain your gaming rig. Choosing the right one for your needs can be a harrowing task, especially if you have to ask, “Are Macs better than PCs?” For most beginners, the question is impossible to answer.

Don’t fret, we’ve got your back.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the difference between Mac and PC. That way, you’ll know which to use for your gaming needs. Read on and find out more today.

Windows 10

Don’t know why Windows is better than Mac? If so, know that Windows has the longevity and worldwide availability to boast the largest collection of software on the planet. Windows users won’t receive all applications appearing on the market immediately, but they often get ported to the operating system later on.

Whether it’s game or enterprise software, it will eventually find its way to Windows. It also has several features that make it a great gaming computer. Here are some you should consider:

1. It Works with Everything

The extensive compatibility Windows has is due to its impeccable driver support. This makes it a solid choice when installing games with intense graphics. Macs can do the same, especially for high-end units, but they lean more to the expensive side.

Also, PCs powered by Windows has a large variety of available shapes, sizes, and capabilities. You’ll find the usual desktop design and notebooks with higher quality and powerful specs. These can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands, depending on the machine’s power.

Most accessories became universal because of the USB standard. Regardless, Windows still boasts the most compatibility with add-ons coming from different companies. Almost any mouse, keyboard, and other gadgets will run using Windows.

This capability isn’t something a Mac computer can boast. Even with Google’s continued dominance in technology, its Chrome OS also suffers from the same problem.

2. Fast and Meaningful Updates

Windows 10 is different from its predecessors since it has updates twice a year. These will introduce new features while improving both performance and security. You can join their Insider program to get fixes and new features almost every week.

As an Insider, you’ll help shape the operating system through your feedback. That means your input can aid Microsoft in making your gaming experience better. These rapid updates give Microsoft the edge over the Mac since the latter only updates once per year.

The only drawback of the updates is the possible problems they can cause. For example, their October 2018 update caused various driver issues and deleted their users’ data. It took Microsoft months to set this problem straight.

Is Windows for You?

This operating system is in a better position compared to a few years ago. Its newest version looks more elegant and easier to use compared to its previous iterations. With its frequent updates, you can expect better games to run.

But its primary drawback is its complexity. Compared to other systems, Windows has lots of bugs, but they aren’t fatal, so it isn’t a serious issue. With its features and hardware compatibility, you’re likely to get more games out of it.


Apple has a tighter rein on MacOS compared to Windows because of its unique top-down approach. Its design allows little functionality for other computers, unlike Windows. This ensures MacOS can test their products’ quality more rigorously.

This company’s software optimizes its software for a select number of computers. With that, their services have more focus. This ensures easy problem detection, making the fixing process more accurate and faster.

But are Macs better than PCs? Here are some things you should consider:

1. It Just Works

The MacOS’s design focuses on ease of operation, so even beginners can use it. The Windows 10 interface looks simple at the surface, but it has a deep layer of menus lying underneath. This makes the troubleshooting process confusing and exasperating.

Beginners often see MacOS as the more intuitive system, despite its more limited software market compared to Windows. It compensates with its expansive collection of apps, whether it’s cross-platform or bespoke. They have a suite of in-house programs for different tasks.

You can also learn how to force quit on Mac in case your game freezes. The bad news is that a vast majority of new games aren’t available on the system. While their list of supported games grows each year, it’s a paltry number compared to Windows.

You can use the Apple Bootcamp application to let your Mac run Windows. It’s a switchable option, allowing you to enjoy Windows without buying a new PC. To do this, you need to buy a new Windows 10 license.

2. Perfect Fit for Apple Products

MacOS’s hardware complements Apple iOS products, like the iPhone and the iPad. If you go all-in with Apple products, your gaming experience for both mobile and desktop is seamless. It has cross-functionality since you’re using the same Apple ID across all your devices.

The integration between macOS and iOS is impeccable. You can pick up a document on your Mac computer and work on it using your iPad and vice versa. This level of synergy isn’t something Windows ever achieved, despite its efforts to push into the mobile market.

Is MacOS for You?

If you want a premium desktop experience, MacOS allows you to do it without a lot of work. The company’s top-to-bottom approach makes it easier for you to access it. It’s a great choice if you want a streamlined experience.

Its main weakness is its lack of heavier hardware for beefy games. It’s also expensive when compared to its Windows counterparts.

Play in Mac and PC Today!

These are things you should consider when choosing between Mac and PC. Once you do, you’re likely to know which rig fits your gaming needs.
Of course, choosing between Mac and PC is only the beginning. Feel free to read more of our guides here to learn how to build the right setup for all your gaming and working needs.
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