Mac Your Way: 7 Top Tips to Customize Mac to Work Best for You
Monday, 08 June 2020

 Are you trying to set up mac your own pay but you aren't sure how to customize mac? Read this article to learn more about customizing mac.

 Did you know that Apple's macOS now holds over a quarter of the US operating system market? That's an almost 10% increase from the year before!

Granted, the company's computer shipments dropped by 2.2% from 2018 to 2019. Still, it managed to retain its position as the fourth-leading computer maker in the world.

That said, if you're one of these new Mac users, you likely haven't fully explored your device yet. It's time that you did though, as you can customize Mac to adapt to and suit your specific needs. You can even have voices other than Siri's to "speak" to you from your Mac!

So, ready to learn all about the cool things to do on Mac and how exactly to deploy and launch these actions? Then let's get right into it!

1. Time for a Color Change

Did you know that blue is the universal color for calmness and productivity? Green also appears to have a calming, relaxing effect, making it easy on the eyes and great for long hours of work. Yellow, on the other hand, seems to boost optimism and creativity.

So, depending on your mood and what you need to accomplish, you may want to change your Mac's color scheme. The great news is, all these three colors (plus five more) are available in your System Preferences. This is one of the easiest ways to customize your Mac and even help you remain productive.

To change your Mac's color scheme, open "System Preferences", then choose "General". You can choose among three "Appearance" options (Light, Dark, or Auto) as well as the eight "Accent Colors". As for the "Highlight Color", you can choose any that you fancy using the color picker.

2. Make Your Desktop and Screen Saver Move

One of the best ways to customize your Mac is to use your own photos for its desktop and screen saver. With the "Dynamic" feature, you can even set these photos to change at varying intervals.

To start, head over to your "Settings" panel then select "Desktop & Screen Saver". From there, you can choose the "Dynamic Desktop" option and specify the images you want to use. Set the interval for when the photos should change, or if you want, have your Mac show random images.

To change your screen saver, click the "Screen Saver" tab. Select the image source (your own albums or your Mac's Default Collections). You can then set the start time and also opt to have the clock show up on the screen saver.

3. Have Moira or Daniel Tell You the Time

Forget Siri -- on Your Mac, you can have Moira announce the time in her lovely Scottish English accent. Whereas Daniel will let you know what time it is in his posh British accent. In fact, you can flip through dozens of different voices so as not to get tired and bored of the same voice.

To activate this feature, click the date or time section on the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Select the option to "Open Date & Time Preferences" and then click on the "Clock" tab. Mark the box that says "Announce the time" and then click the box labeled "Customize Voice".

You can then select from a list of pre-installed voices. If none strikes your fancy, click on "Customize" to bring up a list of other downloadable voices. Go through the list and choose those that you want to get for your Mac.

4. Use the Time Announcement as a Signal to Take a Break

Digital eye strain (DES), which causes pain in the eyes and headaches, affects up to 50% of computer users. It's not that surprising though, as eight in 10 US adults admit to using digital devices for at least two hours a day.

To prevent DES, it's best to take frequent breaks -- at least after every 15 to 20 minutes of computer work. You can use the timed voice announcements to remind you it's time for a break. You can set it to announce the time every quarter of the hour.

5. Dim Down or Light Up The Keys

Tapping the F5 button is the simplest way to turn keyboard light off on Macs (or at least to make it dimmer). By switching the keyboard light off, you can help conserve your Mac's battery life.

You might want to do this if you have enough external light to see all the keys on your keyboard. It's also a great hack for when you're about to Netflix and chill in a dark room.

To bring the lights up again, hit the F6 button a few times until the light becomes bright enough for your liking.

6. Max Your Mac’s Accessibility

Apple has always been a leader in accessibility, ensuring that its products are easy to use. Just think of Siri, the first-ever digital assistant introduced to the public.

Today, Apple devices boast even more accessibility features -- Mac has more than a dozen of them. Aside from Siri, Macs now have accessibility controls for vision, hearing, and motor.

For instance, with VoiceOver, you'll hear descriptions of items displayed on your screen. You can also invert the display colors, reduce motion, or increase contrast. You can also have your Mac use closed captions when available.

There's a lot more of that in the "Accessibility" panel under your Mac's "System Preferences". All these features can help make your device adapt to your individual and specific needs.

7. Extend Your Mac's Real Estate with Sidecar

Need a bigger display but don't want to buy another computer screen? Well, you don't have to, so long as your Mac is a recent model and you also have a newer-gen iPad. With these two, you can activate Sidecar, which lets you set up your iPad to act as a secondary screen.

To enable Sidecar, open your Mac's System Preferences, then select Sidecar. Click on the dropdown menu and choose the iPad you want to set up as a second screen.

Customize Mac Just the Way You Want It

There you have it, your ultimate list of ways to customize Mac so that you can get the most out of its features! There are plenty of other ways to tailor your device, most of which you'll learn as you spend more time on it. In the meantime though, use the seven we've listed here so you can get an idea of how a customized Mac feels!

Ready for more tech hacks to satisfy the geek in you? Then be sure to head over to this site's Tech & Software section!


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