The Best option to edit your Large Videos – An easy way ahead
Monday, 30 March 2020

 Did you recently go on a trip to the hills and want to share it with your squad on social media?

Did you recently shoot a small ad film for promotion but aren’t confident about it?

Did you recently come up with a personal blog but are stuck on the upload checkboxes for Youtube?

 Well, all these are standard problems of any Youtuber, blogger, influencers or any marketer starting out in the industry. You work day and night, shoot your ideas via the ease of your mobile phone, saving on budget by not grabbing an expensive camera or a bulky device while on tour. 

So, after all of it, why worry about your video clip in post-production. Yes, you need to ensure it is of premium quality, has the right effects, matches upload standards and boosts your followers. So, video editing becomes crucial but how and where should you be doing it?

Desktop comes first!

We understand that there is a certain amount of comfort in taking a video clip on your phone and then using an editing app on the same phone to edit it. However, understand that each mobile application is very limited on its features and occupies certain storage on your phone. 

Looking at the bigger picture and transferring the video on your desktop, my suggestion is that you must use an online tool to edit the large video there. 

1) Storage and memory 

Your mobile definitely has lower storage that your desktop and have many apps to suffice your daily lifestyle. Hence, shift the video to your laptop, save up on space and then avoid sacrificing memory space also. Infact, desktop editing allows effective re-storage of the edited video for comparison without any discrepancies. Hence, most free video editing reviews suggests major and comprehensive video editing tools like VideoProc available as a free software.

2) Smoothness and clarity 

Opting for the big screen can highlight all disruptions and problems in a crystal-clear manner. This way you get the smooth picture, know where to edit and what to edit, without stressing your eyes out. Moreover, another advantage of the big screen is that you can move around freely, get all features in one single software and don’t have to spend a lot of time behind looking around for the right option.

Why VideoProc?

Before diving into anything, you need to know the basics, be sorted on your details and do your research. Hence, we did ours before suggestions you with a software like VideoProc for editing on your desktop. To know more, here’s why Videoproc is what you should be looking at -
1) Keeps it simple 

With VideoProc on your screen, the user interface is easy, fresh and well adjusted for all types of users. With high functionality and smoothly equipped, VideoProc doesn’t fail you, wherever you go. For large video files, it works long-term to ensure that the learning curve for any beginner or intermediate level editor is a straight line, keeping up all standards of video editing at par. 

Considering that you edit on your desktop, VideoProc also offers many giveaways like frequent contests, free monthly YoTtube premium subscriptions and tons of update options.

2) Platter of features 

Given VideoProc, anything you need, any solution you are looking for, it will be right there on your screen. All the major and crucial features like edit, cut, trim, merge, resize, rotate, flip, add effect, subtitles, video enhancing, Gif mode,etc are available for an all-time process. 

Additional features like deshake, denoise, correct lens distortion, A/V sync, GOP, adjust speed, etc. which are specifically needed to edit large mobile videos that are taken on the go are also available. 
3) High-speed GPU acceleration 

VideoProc consists of a special AMD and NVIDIA powered full GPU acceleration which enlists it to work 47x faster than any other editing tool. This is a major reason for opting for a desktop editor tool like VideoProc which isn’t just easy but also fast due to lower memory usage, effective storage capacity and efficient upload options.

4) Export it smart 

With VideoProc, your concerns regarding your mobile phone formats and the criteria for online uploads won't exist. You should see for yourself, how it works well in MP4, HEVC, M2TS, MKV, etc. formats and 1080p in 240 fps while 1440p in 60/30/24 fps. This way, you can shoot in whatever mode fits the shot, never worry about the mobile phone you buy as there is someone right there behind your back to support you. 

Afterall VideoProc has 370 input codes and 420+ output format to offer. Compatibility also works with Android and MAC desktops or laptops, allowing you to not worry about looking for the right screen and the right medium to edit.

For everyone who is looking for more reasons to use VideoProc, here’s a tutorial for you: 

Final thoughts!

A gazillion reasons, a box full of giveaways but you’ll only know when you use it for yourself, feel the comfort and the ease in editing once you try. It is rightly said, the experience is what counts. With the edit toolbar available right on top of the screen without any barriers to editing, you would not only save time but also increase your optimum quality. 

With all priorities, right from quality to the size, right from the features to the social media upload, VideoProc is sorted on all levels. Being a part of the millennial squad, you need to keep up the ante with personalizations, value creations, and top-notch content. Save your mobile phone some trouble and get to work!
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