Monday, 30 March 2020

 We are all familiar with the importance of social media in modern society and how it can be a crucial factor in becoming a success in your chosen field. That said, it is also important to stress that this success does not come merely by having a social media account. A big part of this success comes from having and maintaining an interactive profile where social media users can come along and engage with the user behind the profile. 

 Out of all the different forms of social media interaction, comments are a particularly important one, so much so that people will pay to get custom comments on IG, Facebook or Twitter as they know it will boost their engagement levels.

Why are comments important?

The importance of social media comments cannot be overstated. Comments are an important part of social media as they give the user behind the account a chance to engage meaningfully with the people who interact with their profile. Comments provide them with an opportunity to listen to other users' opinions on the content they upload. Comments also give social media users the chance to build a rapport with the people who regularly engage with their profile. This goes a long way to helping a social media profile develop a reputation as being approachable and ready to respond to any comments they receive. These comments can come in all shapes and sizes so it is important to really listen to them and take the time to respond appropriately. After all, posting a comment is something that takes a a lot more time, effort and concentration than giving a like or a view. You need to take this into consideration when reading a comment you have received, even if it may not be to your liking. By paying attention to these comments, you can get an idea of how to develop your profile and keep your followers happy.

What are the interaction benefits of comments?

In terms of social media interaction, comments are a godsend. This is because comments, while being considered a source of interaction, tend to generate more interaction themselves. This comes from other users who notice the comment and decided to respond with views, likes or even additional comments. If you are particularly lucky, one comment will lead to a back-and-forth between several different users, with each response encouraging even more people to get involved in the discussion. All this means that your engagement levels will go through the roof. In addition to this, comments can also lead to an increase in interaction when they are used to tag other users. Tagging other users means that the name of a social media user is included in a comment and they are informed of this. This is done to draw the attention of a specific user to a piece of content. This leads to more views and can also result in more likes and comments.

How can I get more comments?

Once you have seen the interactive power of comments, it is only natural that the next question that forms in your mind is the one above. There are many recommendations about how to attract comments to your profile. The use of hashtags and locations in your posts is one way to bring them to the attention of other users. These two features enable you to focus in on other users who may be interested in a specific topic related to your content or who may be based in a place that you are posting from. By being able to get yourself on the radar of people who share an interest in the topic of your content, you increase your visibility and your chances of more interaction from them. Running a competition where posting a comment is the only way to enter is another tried-and-tested strategy. However, this approach can only be used at regular intervals as, otherwise, it will lead to saturation and a strain on your resources. Another effective way of getting more comments is by posting questions on social media and requesting replies in the form of comments. All of these strategies have varying degrees of success but none of them can guarantee that you will get interaction. There is, however, one approach that does guarantee comments for your social profile.

How to use paid-for comments

By paying for comments, you can control the comments that come your way. You are able to get more when you feel it is needed. You can also direct the comments to specific posts if you feel that they need a bit more interaction. If you decide to purchase comments, it is recommended that you add one or two comments to the post in question that you are looking to push into the spotlight. With the right comment, just one should be enough as it will be able to generate enough interaction from other users. After this, the comment takes on a life of its own. Unlike views and likes, it is not necessary to add as many comments as possible. In fact, this may have the opposite effect as adding too many comments may lead to other users skipping over some of them and only engaging with a few of them. In this case, you are not getting value for your money. If you are paying for relevant comments then you can be sure that they are going to catch the eye of some social media users out there. After that, you can just sit back and watch the interaction pile up.
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