Why should you buy a used luxury SUV?

It’s no secret that SUV’s can be on the more expensive side of the market. Fortunately, you can buy used vehicles in great condition for a fraction of the original price.

Here are a few reasons why you need to invest in the used cars market.


Cars remain reliable for longer

With modern technology, cars are staying reliable for much longer than they used to. Older cars are still safe, efficient and aesthetically pleasing years after you have bought them.
You can even view a detailed history of the vehicle to check for any discrepancies. Reports are based on the vehicle identification number and can be viewed online at Auto Check.
Check out Peter Vardy for a whole range of used cars on the market. Of course, the highlight of this site has to be the luxury all new Land Rover
Defender. This SUV is designed for off-roading in extreme terrains. It is highly functional, durable and even looks good too.

Lower insurance rates

Car insurance is a killer these days. One of the most important factors considered in insurance is the vehicle’s value.
However, a used SUV has a lower value and therefore a lower insurance rate.

Law of depreciation

The best part of buying a used SUV is that you can afford a more luxurious model than you would have been able to afford brand new.
Thanks to the laws of depreciation, you can drive a fancy comfortable car with all the added bonuses.
The lesson to learn here is that cars are not good investments. They depreciate and lose their value very early on. SUVs may stay reliable and good-looking for years, but their value will diminish quickly.
Just look at the Audi Q7. You can buy a used one, registered before April 2017, for nearly half its original value. Shocking, right?


Fortunately for you, there are far more used models on the market than there are new. The car manufacturing world is constantly evolving and therefore new models don’t stay new for very long.
You can buy fairly recent models on the used market for a fraction of the price. Besides, maybe you fell in love with an older model years ago and it’s no longer being made. Well, it may just be for sale elsewhere.
Remember to check out the used cars market before splashing out on a brand new model!
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