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Thursday, 29 November 2007

People Magazine has made its annual report on top 15 sexiest men alive of 2007. Matt Damon takes the top honor. Yes, George Clooney and Brad Pitt have shamelessly campaigned for him since 2001, but this year's winner was Bourne to the title. Named America's most bankable star by Forbes, the golden boy with the crooked smile is smart, charming and humble to boot. "You gave an aging suburban dad the ego boost of a lifetime," wrote Damon, 37, in a letter to PEOPLE, explaining why he couldn't possibly accept the crown.

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But Matt Damon wasn't alone in turning up the heat. Check out some of the sexy men (Brad! Johnny!) who made PEOPLE's list. We have chosen top 5 hottest, but you can view the whole list at .


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Hey guys – who should play you in a movie? Skinny rocker Tommy Lee: "I want Brad Pitt." Funky comic Carrot Top: "Brad Pitt." Swiss tennis star Roger Federer: "Brad Pitt!" Even former President Clinton?? Nah, Bill said recently of Pitt, 43, "He's way too good-looking."


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Why is he sexy? For starters, there's his quirky style (he lives in France, dresses like a rock star, is not afraid of a little eyeliner) and his devil-may-care spirit (didn't take a single singing lesson to prepare for his role in the upcoming musical Sweeney Todd). Most of all, there's something heart-melting about how gaga he is for his gaggle – daughter Lily-Rose, 8, and son Jack, 5, his kids with longtime girlfriend Vanessa Paradis. "Suddenly you meet your reason to live," Depp, 44, told London's Daily Mail about being a father. "They make me happy."


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The brand new Ben is slimmer and altogether sexier. "I'm healthier now than I've ever been," the 35-year-old actor and director told Parade. And daughter Violet brings out his soul. "All I want to do is go home, just to be around her again."


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Last year he brought sexy back; this year he's exchanging some of his bravado for irresistible charm. At the VMAs he gave props to young R&B singer Chris Brown, saying he "reminded me how much I'm getting older," and he's been poking fun at himself during his world tour. "My parents instilled in me the mindset of always being humble," the 26-year-old told London's Daily Telegraph, "so I'd like to believe all the teen idol stuff went in one ear and out the other."


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