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10 Things Any New Traveller Should Know
Saturday, 19 June 2021

Travelling and exploring places is the kind of experience everyone should have. It opens up your mind to uncertainties of the world and allows you to do things opposite of your usual routine. Travelling can help you in becoming more aware of places around the world or even your country. Travel health should be a top priority for anyone who travels. The precautionary medicines one can take while travelling can range from jet lag to traveller’s diarrhoea.

Here are 10 things to keep in mind if you are new to travelling:

1. Go with an open mind

A traveller cannot learn or enjoy their trip if they are not going there with an open mind. You will come across different people, customs, and ways of dealing with foreigners. Therefore, you should be willing to embrace all the experiences and be ready to experience everything and not wait for the right moments or famous monuments to make travel a memorable experience.

2. Capture every moment

You need to capture every moment. It could be something as simple as waiting for a taxi at the airport or the first time you spoke to a local person or how they helped you out when you were lost. Take pictures of what you see, of yourself, enjoying that moment and take a moment to yourself and see how you feel about a particular thing, moment, or person you met there.

3. Get to know the culture, talk to people - learn their language

There is nothing better than wanting to know people, the culture, and what makes the place so unique apart from what you know from news and tv. This helps in creating your narrative about a place and to enables you to embrace difference. Many local people usually love the idea of having foreigners in their country and are very hospitable to them. Learning a few words in their language means the world to them and are likely to help you around even more. Eat their famous food, their locally made liquor or try the various international fast-food chains they have. You will be shocked to know how these global food chains diversify their menus for every country.

4. Look for top tourist spots beforehand and visit them

Many travellers claim that they do not visit famous tourist spots and prefer going to unique places. While this could be true, you will likely have more trouble finding a unique place as a new traveller. The solution for you is to look up the top tourist spots before reaching the destination. As non-adventurous as this advice may sound, for a new traveller, this is important. Going sightseeing with tour buses and taking a day or half to visit all the famous spots will lead you to understand the place a lot better and know what you should be looking forward to in the rest of the days there.

5. Buy tickets to a theatre performance or match

A good travelling experience needs a cultural experience. Ask locals around what is the place famous for or if there are any happenings in the city on the days you are travelling, could be theatre performance, a Comic-Con, a sports match or a concert. Even if you are not an expert in that particular thing, give it a try to discover something new.

6. Having the right currency/vaccination requirements

This is a crucial step whenever you are travelling. Ensure you have some local currency exchanged at the airport to avoid any hassle when you require to pay for the taxi or your food or anything. As a new traveller, it is essential to know the vaccine certification requirements of the country you are travelling to. This could help you sort out a lot of hassle during your visa and at the airport.

7. Travel light

Whether you are travelling for a few weeks or months, there is absolutely no reason why you should not travel light. Carry the essential things. There is a likelihood you will return buying yourself more things there. Even if not, you would not want to be carrying all your stuff with you at all times. Another important tip is to keep your important items like chargers, laptops, etc., in hand-carry or purse as missing luggage is a common phenomenon.

8. Do not burden yourself with travel expectations

Do not exhaust yourself with a to-do list and force yourself to stick to it. At times, you may want to do different things or not systematically do something. After all, it is your leisure time. Experience little stuff like the ambience of different places, what it says about the place, etc.

9. Traveller’s diarrhoea

Enjoying yourself while you travel is important but if you are a foodie and cannot resist experimenting with food, take medication for traveller’s diarrhoea with you.

10. Be an early riser

Lastly, there is nothing better than witnessing sunrises in different places around the world. Places look different early morning; you would want to experience that calm and serenity before the rush hours begin. Waking up early also helps you in getting done with most things or make good use of your time.
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