A Virtual World Tour: 7 of the Best Travel Vloggers on YouTube
Sunday, 31 May 2020

 Is wanderlust kicking in? Click here to learn about some of the best travel vloggers on YouTube so that you can get ready for your next adventure?

 Did you know that about 73% of American adults use YouTube? This makes it one of the best platforms for entrepreneurs, big businesses, and individuals looking for a platform to share their adventures or talents with others. 

If you’re also using the platform, you might want to find new content to watch. But with the sheer number of YouTuber channels in the platform, you might not know which ones to watch first. It’s especially the case if you have no idea who the most popular YouTube travel vloggers are.

Don’t feel discouraged yet.

Fortunately, we made a guide on the best travel vloggers YouTube can offer. Read on and discover more channels to watch today.

1. Sorelle Amore

This travel-loving vlogger is a powerhouse with her quirky travel videos. It’s not hard to adore her zest for life since she traveled for the majority of her life. Once you see how genuine she smiles while journeying, you’ll feel inspired to go outside and change your life for the better.

Take note, some of her content isn’t travel-related, but it’s always incorporated in some form. Her goal is to aid people to find their voice and discover their passions. With that, she wants to know what makes them move so she can act towards making their feel best.

Sorelle coined the “advanced selfie” term. She challenges photographers to add emotions and uniqueness to their photos, turning them into masterpieces. She won The Best Job on the Planet in 2017 because of her videos, with her most-viewed content documenting her travel to Iceland.

She also has travel videos that aim to help content creators and other travelers achieve their dream life. Her content shows how real and engaging her personality is. Watch a few videos and you’ll surely get hooked.

2. Sailing La Vagabonde

This Australia-based YouTube channel features Elayna and Riley, who lived their dream of sailing oceans without prior sailing experience. Their lifestyle is a lot of people’s fantasy since they live on a boat. They sail into the sunset while experiencing the briny sea breeze every day.

This seafaring couple has new video uploads every Monday. They have lots of videos giving advice to people who want to start their journey on the sea. They traveled over 50,000 nautical miles, giving them lots of practical experience to impart to aspiring sailors watching their content.

3. Fun For Louis

The creative mind behind Fun For Louis is Louis Cole, a daily vlogger. His global trekking is a full-time job. He especially enjoys traveling across the globe with his friends while having fun and inspiring his viewers to travel.

Louis, a British Traveler, spends his life exploring the globe. He puts up a new episode of his vlogs each day. He’s always on the go, doing fun projects alongside his friends in various countries.

Fun For Louis is a great watch with his amazing daily life. His videos have this natural feel to it, but you can feel charisma exude from him. It’s inspiring to see since his vibe is energetic while taking a chill approach to life.

He enjoys all of life’s uncertainties and it’s plain to see with every video. It’s what keeps his viewers coming back. Try his channel out and witness his adventures, but start with his Best Greek Island Locations to get a good feel of his content.

4. Lost LeBlanc

This channel details the adventures of Christian LeBlanc, easily one of the best travel vloggers around today.

LeBlanc is a vlogger whose passion for traveling reflects into all his travel activities. The way he talks whenever he’s in a new environment and the quality of his videos show how much he loves traveling. This passion is infectious since it can motivate you to start seeing what the world has to offer.

LeBlanc likes to advocate getting out of your comfort zone. That way, you can make the most out of life. His viewership is “Team Get Lost”, a growing community who watch his videos to keep their wanderlust alive. 

If you want to view his videos offline, there are options available. You can learn how to download YouTube videos here.

5. Fearless and Far

Mike Corey owns this channel, and his travel vlogs are on the bizarre and extreme sides of travel. He’s always on the prowl for unique world travel experiences. These videos are great if you want to ignite your adventuring spark.

He has vlogs about exciting adventures like Kambo Cleanse done in Amazonia. His creativity and skills in shooting and editing videos are superb. It’s engaging, fun to watch, and full of experiences that can stretch your imagination to its limits.

6. Phil Good Travel

Phil’s travel over Europe is through his partnership with Matador Network. He aims to smash stereotypes and promote positive thinking regardless of his location. His motto is “today’s a good day to have a good day.”

Watching his travel series, you’ll find that he lives up to his motto by making everyone’s day better. He unites travelers regardless of their background, race, and upbringing. His aim is to promote solidarity across cultures and people.

He’ll give out free hugs and making friends wherever he goes. His happiness and confidence radiate, making him a shining beacon for travelers and locals alike.

7. Oneika the Traveler

She is a solo female traveler’s content is empowering to women across the world. A Jamaican-Canadian Boss babe, she has an award-winning travel blog. Her content brings out her incredible character and personality.

Oneika’s videos teach French to children, as well as topics most people would shy away from online. She is an advocate of diversity and multiculturalism. Her thrill-seeking is always fresh, making her one of the best YouTube travel vloggers with a lot to offer.

Watch the Best Travel Vloggers Today!

These are some of YouTube’s best travel vloggers. Watch their content and enjoy the diverse travel videos they offer. They’re great starting points if you aren’t familiar with YouTube’s travel vlog niche.

But why stop here? If you liked this guide and found it informative, we invite you to check out more of our content here. We have lots of posts to help you get the most out of your lifestyle.
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