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Best Places to Go Skiing Around the Globe
Monday, 24 May 2021

What was once just a normal sport and now a popular activity that is adorned by many, skiing has taken the world by storm in recent times.

With a plethora of ski spots that are scattered around the globe, finding the best ones that are worth your time and fun can be a bit tricky.

Luckily, stumbling upon this article is a blessing in disguise. Below, we have compiled some of the best destinations for your skiing adventure that are suited for friends and family. So before you pack your things, have a seat and continue to read on.

Vail Mountain Resort

Location: Colorado
The Vail Mountain Resort is a favorite among tourists because of its versatility. Even if you are a newbie or pro in skiing, this is the perfect location that caters to any skill level. Vail Mountain Resort is also renowned as the largest ski place in the world.
With its vast landscapes and wide skiing area, this is the perfect destination that your friends and family will enjoy. There are also ski lifts that give picturesque views of the bustling town of Vail. Not to mention, the three separate terrain areas give enough room for every skier no matter the skill.
Want to relax? Use the lifts so you can visit Vail on the bottom of the hill. From here, you will be greeted with luxurious hotels and fancy restaurants with a wide variety of special dishes. There are also myriads of shops if you want to take home some souvenirs too.

Val d'Isere

Location: Europe
If you want to take your adventure up a notch, then look no further than Val d'Isere. This ski area has a whopping 300 kilometers of ski terrain that are interconnected with one another. What’s more, is that this place is also the hometown of skiing champion Jean-Claude Killy.
If you’re a person who is in it for the thrills, then you will enjoy the 45-degree terrain only here at the Val d'Isere. Though keep in mind that it might be too dangerous to ski around this terrain, especially for beginners.
That’s why their professional ski trainers are here to be at your service. Also, we highly recommend hiring a trainer no matter how skilled you already are.


Location: France
Are you an adventurer who dares to take yourself further? Then you can never go wrong with Courchevel. The scenic landscapes are not only the highlight of this place but also its insane 600-kilometer interconnected ski runs too.
If you want to experience more skiing thrills, their 150-kilometer alpine ski terrain is your best friend for that. There is also a village nearby that has plenty of restaurants that offer exquisite and diverse cuisine.
So if you want to call it a day without an empty stomach, they got it all for you. It’s also important to book early since Courchevel is mostly crowded with tourists during peak season. You can book directly by clicking on their website provided above.

Aspen Snowmass

Location: Colorado
Just when you thought we are done with ski places in Colorado, the Aspen Snowmass is another worthy addition to your list. Aspen Snowmass is also one of the best ski destinations in the country alongside Vail Mountain Resort.
However, this place is only best for experienced and professional skiers alike. This is because of its sophisticated downhill terrains. Newcomers are seen rarely in Aspen Snowmass and if there are any, most of them are only in it for sightseeing.
If you are a skilled skier who wants to up the ante of your skiing skills, then Aspen Snowmass is the place for you. Still, it’s highly recommended to hire a trainer to prevent yourself from going home with a broken leg or something.


Location: Japan
If you are traveling to Sapporo during the winter season, Niseko is the nearest skiing place that you should visit. This ski area gives you a wide view of Mt.Fuji along with the neighboring towns beneath it.
Apart from the sightseeing, you can also enjoy its off-piste alpine skiing areas that are paired with a variety of trails too. So if you want to ski or just take a long snowy walk for a while, you can do all of that here!
The best part? Niseko has a child-friendly area where they can play around the snow or do fun activities together. If you want to bring a child, then Niseko is undoubtedly the best place for that. Niseko also earned the title of “Japan’s Best Family Ski Resort” during the Ski Asia Awards years ago.

St. Moritz

Location: Switzerland
St. Moritz is one of the longest-standing ski resorts in Switzerland. The well-trimmed ski terrains and small backcountry town below it is the highlight of this ski destination. Fun fact: The 2017 Winter Olympics, as well as the Alpine Ski Championships, are also held here too!
Thanks to its intermediate terrain, newbie skiers who are still in the practicing stage will love this place. For the skilled ones, fret not because you can also find challenging terrains near the Diavolezza and Lagalp in this area too.
Of course, a skiing adventure will never be complete without trying their nearby restaurants located in the small town. Also, there are Swiss souvenirs in their gift shops so don’t forget to visit these places too.


The ski destinations listed above come in a variety of difficulties depending on the terrain. So always be prepared before you travel to ensure your safety.
First, pack up on safety gear: consider protecting your eyes by buying quality wearables from a reputable ski goggles manufacturer.
Moreover, ensure that you secure your balance with high-quality skis., and protect your body with padded clothes. Lastly, have fun with your friends and family while seizing the moment together.
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