Brunch at Manhattan Beach Post
Thursday, 14 May 2020

If you are a dedicated brunch goer, you’ll love Manhattan Beach Post in Los Angeles. It offers up a rustic menu with a range of delectable dishes to satisfy all tastebuds. Plus it has chic decor and is only a block from the picturesque Manhattan Beach Pier - what more could you want?

As big brunch lovers, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do a deep dive into the brunch offerings from Manhattan Beach Post. If you’re anything like us, we know you want to do your research so that you can guarantee your next brunch date will be a success. Nobody wants to regret their choice of restaurant!

So, here you have it - everything you need to know about brunch at Manhattan Breach Post.


love the beach is a coastal community in Los Angeles known for its laid-back vibes. Popular with surfers, families, and lovers of the great outdoors, the town offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for stunning beaches, charming boutiques, or the next big wave, Manhattan Beach has you covered.

The area is well-known for its eateries and is a popular brunch destination. Manhattan Beach Post is at the top of the list when it comes to a good-quality brunch. As mentioned above, the cafe is a short walk from the beach and the pier, meaning its the perfect spot to head after a walk or a surf.

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About the Restaurant

Manhattan Beach Post is co-owned by renowned chef David LeFevre, who is responsible for the creative menu offered at the restaurant. LeFevre is a Michelin-stared chef who has extensive fine-dining experience, but with Manhattan Beach Post he has made good food available in a welcoming and accessible environment.

The restaurant is a favorite amongst locals. Groups of all ages and sizes gather here to enjoy a good meal, including young families who fill the tables on weekends. The menu is designed for social purposes, with the intention that plates will be shared and you’ll have a chance to experience multiple menu items. If you are looking for a fun, thriving brunch spot for your next family catch-up or boozy brunch with friends, Manhattan Beach Post should be on your list.
Why it’s the perfect brunch place

Manhattan Beach Post has everything you could want from a brunch restaurant. A charming aesthetic, diverse menu, and a buzzing, feel-good atmosphere. There are dishes for everyone, with a menu inspired by cuisines from all over the world, and you’ll be able to get your favorite breakfast cocktails to get over the night before. To put it simply, Manhattan Beach Post ticks all of the boxes.

What to eat

With a menu as extensive and diverse as Manhattan Beach Post’s, it’s difficult to know where to begin. The exciting thing is that you have choices - lots of them! On this menu, you’ll find everything from bibimbap and chimichangas, to classic eggs and bacon (with a Californian influence) and Manhattan Post’s famous cheddar and bacon buttermilk biscuits.

The best way to approach this menu is to order as a group. That way you’ll get to try a bit of everything!

If you suffer from option paralysis, here are some good options to get you started:
  • Burrata and roasted pepper sandwich - A great, vegetarian option, this sandwich comes with tasty pesto and huge house-made chips!
  • Truffle-honey laced fried chicken - Is there a dish made with truffle oil that isn’t good? Perfect hangover cure if you’ve had a big night.
  • Chopped salad - Fresh and delicious, this isn’t your ordinary salad. A good option for those looking for something lighter.
  • French toast - A crowd favorite with a twist, this french toast is filled with ricotta, pears, and almonds. Delicious!
  • Belly Button Bagel - The classic American breakfast has had a makeover at Manhattan post. This bagel comes topped with trout ‘lox’, cucumber, capers, and dill cream cheese. Are your tastebuds watering yet?
  • Bacon cheddar buttermilk biscuits - It would be remiss of us to ignore the very biscuits that Manhattan Post is famous for. Drawing brunch lovers from all over, these biscuits have found themselves on a top 20 list for best biscuits in the USA!
We warned you that it would be difficult to choose from this menu, but it’s the best type of brunch problem to have.

What to drink
If you’re a boozy brunch lover, you’ll adore Manhattan Beach Post. Their hand-crafted cocktail list offers a range of morning cocktails to perfectly complement your food.

Want to know our favorites? Check out the following list.

  • Pearl of Dawn - This takes the classic mojito to a new level. Containing hibiscus, cardamom, kaffir, and chocolate mint, this cocktail will not disappoint. After all, who doesn’t love a mojito?
  • Blood and Smoke - It’s impossible to go past the ultimate brunch favorite, the Bloody Mary. Like everything at Manhattan post, this drink has been enhanced with a unique flair. Bacon-washed Koval white and sriracha salt? Yes, please.
  • In Love & War - this citrusy, bubbly mixture is perfect for your weekend indulgence. Combining guava and lemon flavors with sparkling wine results in the perfect, fresh cocktail.
If alcohol is not your thing, Manhattan Beach Post also offers excellent coffee (try an iced coffee), a range of different teas, and fresh juices. You’ll definitely be able to find something to suit your taste.

Manhattan Beach Post is a favorite brunch spot for a reason, but don’t take our word for it. If you find yourself in LA, round up the troops and check it out for yourself. It’s also a perfect opportunity to explore Manhattan Beach and soak up the chilled vibes.
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