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Interesting Facts About Patagonia South America
Friday, 12 February 2021

Have you been dreaming of a unique location for your next vacation? If you are having one of those wanderlust moments, then Patagonia in South America is the perfect place for you to visit. So, add this to your travel itinerary for the year and start packing your bags right away!

If you are interested in learning more about this destination location, then let us look at some lesser-known facts about Patagonia, South America.


As far as your eyes can see, the entire area is filled with greenery. It is a massive place of green lands and forestry that has been untouched. You will marvel at nature's beauty when you are in this place.

Huge Location

Although this is not the most popular location, it is not a tiny town or country. It is a vast landscape but not very populated.


It is home to one of the only two glaciers in South America. In the context when glaciers are rapidly shrinking, this is a sight to behold in Patagonia.

Longest Mountain

The Andes mountain canvasses from the north to the south of Patagonia. It is the world's longest mountain, and it's an astonishing view from any of the surrounding areas.


Approximately a million penguins live in Patagonia. The ratio is similar to the population of people living there, which is two million. The penguins are known as Magellanic Penguins and are actually extinct in other parts of the world. So, expect to see as many penguins as people when you are in Patagonia.


Not only penguins, but Patagonia is also home to different wildlife beings. You will see horses, whales, and seals over there. In fact, it is home to endemic and almost extinct species. So, make sure to spend your time discovering and watching the wildlife of Patagonia.

Antarctica Exploration

The entry point to Antarctica discovery and exploration begins from Patagonia. The route that is taken the most is by ship to reach Antarctica. There are also Patagonia luxury tours with Quasar Expeditions that can enhance your experience with exploration and discovery of this natural habitat. It is a fascinating land to explore, however you do that, by land or sea, just make sure it’s on your bucket list.

Early Exploration

European travelers first explored it, and a notable person was Ferdinand Magellan. He discovered the native groups in the region and other flora and fauna. This took place in the early years of 1520; hence you can see it has an ancient history.
This is a magnificent place to visit in your life! It is worth the trip to go and explore Patagonia. It is truly the dream of every travel lover and explorer. You are going to enjoy the breathtaking beauty, fresh air, wildlife, and peace. Add Patagonia to your travel bucket list and head over there the next time you get a chance! Once you are there, you will be awestruck by the atmosphere and the exciting adventures you will have. The facts and stories make this little gem even more charming, and it is worth the trip and time!
You simply cannot miss visiting lovely Patagonia, South America!
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